New Contract!

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Hello all readers of the wickedly erotic!

I’m very pleased to announce that my contemporary erotic romance, The Candy Bar Liaison, has been contracted by Breathless My forms are filled out, the contract signed, and the edits were so minor I had them turned in within minutes. I love it when things progress so smoothly!

So what is The Candy Bar Liaison about? Briefly, my hero, who manages a small corner grocery, falls head over heels for a shoplifter. But her mother and a money-grubbing aunt are the heroine’s only family. The trouble is that her mom is handicapped, and the aunt who takes care of the heroine threw her out on the street, and that’s where she has lived the past three years.

All it takes to turn the heroine’s life around is for love to strike in an unexpected place and in a unique manner.

Oh, and kiddies, this story has scorching-hot sex in it.

I’ll post again with a release date or the cover when it’s ready to show off.

Wickedly yours–Kiyara Benoiti


One Response to “New Contract!”

  1. Oooh, can’t wait for this one. Sounds like a wonderful story!

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