What’s in the Queue

romantic Pictures, Images and PhotosFor the last three weeks, I’ve been working hard on a wicked-hot romantic menage story, but I’m not yet certain which publisher I’m targeting for it. It has turned into a bizarre story–more than my usual content. It’s part contemporary, part science fiction, part fantasy, and like I said, it’s hot; it’s four-alarm hot.

What sort of erotic romance do you like to read? Do you like ones that use and blend several different genres or do you prefer that the writer stick to one genre?

What else to I have in the queue that I’m working on?

I’m messing around with an old manuscript that I may turn into an erotica mainstream where the hero, who in many ways is a jerk, learns that he had love right under his  nose and lost it. And regardless of it being mainstream, the end will have a slight paranormal thread. Sorry! I can’t help it. I love the dark side of fiction!

Let’s see…I also have an outline for a vampire story, but I’m not sure how to make it unique, and there are ideas tumbling through my brain for follow-up books to this wild menage story I’m nearly finished with.

There are others, but I’m not much of a blogger, so I’ll be back next time with more news.

Oh, and since I’m new to the e-publishing world, I hope you’ll stop by and sign up for my newsletter. And don’t forget that I’ll be announcing the release date and the cover for The Candy Bar Liaison contracted with BreathlessPress.com!

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