Great news! Two New Contracts!

erotic Pictures, Images and PhotosFor the past…what? Three weeks? Well, the last three weeks have been wonderful. I’ve been very blessed.

Yesterday afternoon, I received a contract from Love You for my erotic fantasy called Bloodlust.

And this morning, bright and early (yawn!), I was notifed by Breathless that they have accepted my erotic werewolf story, titled Blue Moon, for their werewolf submission call!

All the typing the past month has paid off! And let me just say that both my fingers and my brain are tired.

You can see a tiny version of the Bloodlust cover on the homepage, but I won’t put up the full, detailed version until I have my contract back from LYD with the owner’s signature.

One thing I’d like to mention is that I have several online appearances scheduled for the second half of September. I really don’t want to have to update all that info on my site (adding a calendar is a pain), so my newsletter will go out sometime between tomorrow and Monday. Please sign up for it. You’ll get all the details of the latest exerpts, release dates, online appearances and a contest in it.

Click the graphic!



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