Yay! Yippie! Cowabunga!

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When The Candy Bar Liaison came out on on Friday, I could barely contain my excitement. I noticed yesterday that my book was #14 out of 14 Breathless Press titles at All Romance ebooks. I thought, okay, that’s because it’s a new book.

I checked again today, Sunday, to find that The Candy Bar Liaison has jumped from #14 to #5 since yesterday! Yay! Yippie! And cowabunga!

Watching this title grow in popularity over the weekend had been an eye opener and a very exciting rush. Although I’ve been writing for years, I guess it takes seeing something like this happening to make me realize that I do have what it takes to be a well-known ebook author and even the same for print.

If you haven’t purchased your copy yet of The Candy Bar Liaison, it’s hot, it’s hot, and it’s…uhm…hot.

Watch for details about my next two upcoming titles from Breathless Press.com. One is Margie’s Room and the other is paranormal called Blue Moon. I’ll post info about my LoveYouDivine.com title, Bloodlust, when I know more.

Go to this page for info on buying The Candy Bar Liaison.


One Response to “Yay! Yippie! Cowabunga!”

  1. Yay for you at moving up so quickly!! Woot! 🙂

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