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Frights and Delights

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Halloween Pictures, Images and Photos

Since tomorrow is Halloween, I thought I would have a little fun.

Once upon a time, I had something big and black chase me through the woods. It shook trees, had heavy footsteps, and growled. I ran so fast I kept falling down. My legs shook, I was crying, and although the house was only about two hundred yards away, it felt like it was two miles away. What was the big black thing? Could it have been a bear? I didn’t get a good look at it, but no, it was too big to be a bear. Was it someone playing a trick on me? I doubt it since I was just a kid and we lived in a very isolated area at the time, so what reason would someone have to chase me and make so much noise and weird sounds to frighten a kid?

I have no idea. But it was nearing Halloween, so maybe a door to the other side had drifted open and I had happened across it?

Who knows? I still wonder about it to this day.

I am a firm believer, though, that the odd, strange, and yes, even the paranormal, exists in this world. I believe in vampires—although not exactly as they are portrayed in myths and legends—and I feel that there are evil spirits that walk the earth, and there are witches who practice the black and white arts, some who may have called horrible things to our world and are unable to send them back from whence they came…

What I propose is that my readers and visitors share your scariest Evil Lantern Pictures, Images and Photosencounters with something unexplained. Tell me your stories! Also, do you or don’t you believe in the paranormal or things that go bump in the night?

While here, be sure to investigate my other blog entries. You’ll find things from vamps and werewolves to m/m romance to good news about Margie’s Room. And if you love erotic paranormal romance, I invite you to learn more about Blue Moon, the launch book to a wildly erotic and paranormal-packed series!


Hot? Yeah, hot!

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sexy couple Pictures, Images and Photos

Are you a fan of hot, erotic fiction? Well, this post is designed to say thank you and to ask a couple of questions. I have developed a readership that has formed rather quickly, and although it surprises me, I am very happy about it too. Once you’ve read through this post, please take a minute to answer the questions below.

Margie’s Room and Blue Moon are both in the top three books on my publisher’s page at ARe. The Candy Bar Liaison shared that position for a while. That one is interesting to watch; it yoyos all over the page. Some readers are surprised by how the love story develops; others are surprised by the sex scene and the unique way candy bars are used. Do these things have a hand in how the book moves up and down the publisher’s page like it’s a thermometer? I have no idea, lol. 

Blue MoonBlue Moon is a launch book for an erotic romance series packed with the paranormal. Readers have emailed to say they can’t wait for the official book one. I have had some ask if this series will have a menage romance in it, but although I am considering this element, I am not sure yet if that’s the route I will go with the romance. A few emails have arrived where readers have stated they felt strongly for what Anvahn, my witchy heroine, has had done to her and they can’t wait to see how she executes her revenge. Let me just say that arrogant, controlling male characters should not anger Anvahn, she carries a crossbow she’s adept at using and has a familiar that will send the bravest of warriors whimpering to their mommies.

If you have purchased any of my books, thank you. I truly mean that. And if Margies Roomyou haven’t yet, I invite you to step into a new world for a bit of escapism. From a secret room full of erotic things to ancient times with witches and werewolves to a lonely city street where love appears most unexpectedly. WARNING: Margie’s Room is intense. I do not say that lightly. If intense erotic content embarrasses you, then Margie’s Room is not for you. And although it is erotica, it still has a romantic element because the story takes place between a husband and wife.

One thing that surprises me is that Margie’s Room is listed on distributor sites as femdom and BDSM. I sat back and blinked at the computer screen when I nErotic_011 Pictures, Images and Photosoticed those listings. I guess it depends on how a person views the story, but femdom and BDSM were the farthest things from my mind when I wrote that story.

Lastly, if you are one of my readers, I would appreciate it so much if you would go to or and take the time to rateCandy Bar Liaison the book(s) that you have read. Here is an easy link to all three of my currently published titles. Thank you in advance, and a special thanks goes out to all of you who have sent me fan mail. You are so wicked-cool! MUAH!

Now for my two questions!

If you are a writer, what unexpected listings have you found your books listed as?

If you are a reader, when you shop for something to read what is the very first thing about a book that you look for ?

Btw, if you’re into vampires and werewolves, and since Halloween will be here in a few, short days, here are two cool posts about both: Vampiness and Wolfiness.

Do You Dare???

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If you have a significant other, are you willing to do whatever it takes to please him or her? Will you try new things from checking out a new restaurant that may not be something you would like to doing something new in the bedroom or some other designated spot?

Is it important to you to please him or her? And do you expect the same in return?

I invite you to investigate Margie’s Room below and see what Joe encounters when he finds the key to his wife’s secrect gym. Then take a minute, please, and answer my above questions by leaving a comment. Let’s get a nice discussion going amongst my readers.

Do you dare enter Margie’s Room?

Ladies and gents, this story is beyond hot, beyond calling the fire department, and dangerously addicting. 


How far will one man go to please his wife?

Joe is married to a beautiful woman, but when she has a gym installed in their basement that he’s not allowed to enter, he begins to wonder what Margie might be hiding. One day Joe finds Margie’s key and gets a peep show he never expected.

 Margies Room 


Margie retrieved her sports bra where she’d hung it on the doorknob. “Be back in an hour or so,” she called and shut the basement door behind her.

About ten minutes later, the door swung open again, startling me. “What’s wrong, babe?” I asked.

She laughed. “I forgot my water bottle.” She laid the key to the mini gym on the isle counter, yanked open the fridge, and grabbed a bottle of Evian. With a seductive smile on her luscious mouth, she disappeared into the basement again.

However, the key still lay on the countertop.

No way.

I looked again. Yes, it was really there.

I waited. If I took the key and headed downstairs I knew I’d bump into Margie on her way back up to retrieve it.

I had lost interest in the article, so I picked up the daily paper and read through the comics. Five minutes passed, then ten. Maybe Margie hadn’t realized she’d even left it on the counter. She did have several errands to do today, so she was probably preoccupied.

Did I dare…?

Hell, why not? What was she going to do? Yell at me? Forbid me from entering her secret gym?

Anticipation raced through me. I tossed the paper on the floor and marched into the kitchen where I snatched up the key. Opening the basement door, I slowly crept down the stairs, avoiding the squeaky ones just in case Margie could detect such sounds from the confines of her gym.

In bare feet, I padded across the carpeted floor and stopped halfway to Margie’s secret room. The door was ajar about an inch. I glanced at the key in my hand, then pocketed it for safe keeping. It wasn’t like my wife to be so careless, especially where her workout room was concerned.

Quietly, I approached the door and listened. Soft music wafted through the crack: it sounded like Pitbull’s Go Girl, one of Margie’s favorites. She passed through my line of vision and paused. Her sports bra lay on the floor by the free weights. Tugging the thong she wore down along her long, coltish legs, she pulled one foot free and used the other to kick the panties over to join the titty holder. Perplexed, I wondered why she even bothered to take a sports bra down there with her if she wasn’t going to wear one. Margie then picked up something I couldn’t quite see. At first, it looked like a medicine ball, but when she turned around with it, my mouth fell open.

Grab it at ARe

And at Breathless Press

Available soon at Mobipocket and

Remember the above questions! Leave a comment and let’s talk about what we would do for those we love!

Take a moment?

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SEXY Pictures, Images and Photos

As I watch two of my titles move on the category charts at different distributors, I noticed that some distributors have a reader rating feature. One distributor that does this is All Romance eBooks. Breathless Press has a rate this product link on each title’s page too.

If you have purchased The Candy Bar Liaison or Blue Moon from ARe, please take a moment to rate them. Thank you in advance.

And here are my two titles at Breathless Press too.

I am going to try to do this for authors whose work I read too.

The Allure of Vampires

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vampire Pictures, Images and PhotosVampires.

The mere word conjures a myriad of images in a person’s mind. There are so many legends, so many myths, and so many variations on said legends and myths it boggles the mind.

Everything from Lilith to Dracula to sparkly teen vamps has been put into words or on film.

But what is a vampire? Ever really thought about it? A creature of the night deemed undead that feeds on the blood of the living. A person damned to live forever, feasting on the life force of others.

Do vampires have souls? Some say that a demon invades the body of those who are bitten and turned by a vampire.

Lots of questions and lots of speculation.

I have two questions for this blog. Would you become a vampire if given the chance? And what is it about vampires that would make you say yes, turn me?

Would you want to be immortal only to watch your family and friends Vampire Male 3 Pictures, Images and Photosgrow old and die? And as the decades and centuries pass, every person you would fall in love with would suffer the same fate. Could you stand by and watch them die one by one or would you be tempted to give them immortality too?

Would you grow bored living forever? I think I would. I get bored as it is, so I can only imagine facing three or four thousand years of the same things over and over. After a couple hundred years, I would probably be going around to people on street corners throwing sharpened pieces of wood at them and yelling, “Stake me! Stake me now!” only to land in a psyche ward somewhere facing another couple hundred years of staring at the same pee stains on the floor of a padded happy room.

So no, I don’t think I would make a good vampire. The idea of drinking blood makes me wretch anyway. And although the ability to shape shift is sort of cool, the thought that vampires are truly ugly, revolting creatures disguised with beauty is a little off putting too.

Vampire Lovers Pictures, Images and PhotosBut what is it about a vampire that enthralls us?

I think part of it is the wickedness that is masked with eroticism. Stop and consider that, though. If vampires are real, do you think they are sexy (I just heard Rod Stewart in my head. Creepy!) with hypnotic eyes, perfect skin, silky hair, and dress in the latest designer clothes? It depends on what they are, I suppose. If they are demonic, then as a trickster, they would probably employ whatever it takes to woo their victims. But if they are really the same person who finds he has a taste of blood and cannot find sunscreen with an SPF of 1000 or more, then maybe there is some truth to the sexiness and hypnotic eyes. Maybe a vampire has to do whatever it takes to survive in the human world, so being a vampire comes with cool powers to help the species survive.

But there is definitely something about vampires that keeps us buying the novels and wearing out our credit and debit cards at the theaters or movie rental place.

Could it be possible that vampires are already working on us, plying us with what we want, putting those movies and books out there for our minds to feast on, getting us ready for when they reveal themselves…

Blue MoonI admit I love a great vampire novel or movie. Even my stories have vamps in them. Take Anvahn, for instance. Anvahn is a witch who has seen it all. She’s even bedded several vampires. Blue Moon is the launch book for an erotic paranormal romance series that has a vampire who makes many appearances. He’s a wily vamp, a sexy vamp, but he’s so dangerous that even Anvahn, a very formidable witch, is extremely careful around him.

What is it that Anvahn likes about this sexy vampire? She doesn’t know either. But she does know that if she were ever to go over to the undead’s side, he would be the one she’d choose as her master.

So tell me. Would you become a vampire? Yes? No? What do you find so alluring about vamps?

And if you would like more information about Blue Moon and Anvahn’s journey to avenge her lover (and all the sexcapades she gets into), here are the links to the book. Breathless    


You can also find an excerpt of Blue Moon on the excerpt page of this site.

Margie’s Room Update

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Margie’s Room, my latest erotica title, was due out at Breathless today, but there has been an unexpected delay, so keep checking back for an update on the adjusted release date.

But if you would like to learn more about me and my work, click over to The Author Toolbox for a wicked and funny author interview.

Oh, and last night I sat up and watched Bram Stoker’s Dacula with Keanu Reeves. No, not with him but the movie with him in it, lol. Sigh, he is such a babe! Tell me what your favorite Halloween Movie is!

Blood Lust Pictures, Images and Photos

Bloodlust has a release date!

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Blue Fairy 5 Pictures, Images and Photos

Every so often I enjoy writing high fantasy, but it’s even more fun to write it as erotic romance. Bloodlust is high fantasy. If you aren’t familiar with the term, high fantasy involves magic, world building, fairies, warriors, queens, swords and so on.

Bloodlust was a lot of fun to write. The official release date is November 6, so write a note and stick it by your computer or put it in your cell phone with Net access to grab your copy hot off the cyber presses from Below is the blurb. Watch my site’s excerpt page for the opening scene that introduces Devorah and Sir Avegore.

Oh, and this is altBloodlust-Rederotica, so the sexual content is hotter than hot!

Tag Line– When a tiny wisp of a woman is cursed by Loki, she wields a sword most men would struggle to use and is untamable, but then along comes the Ambassador of Dwarves…


Deyorah is cursed by Loki. She loves to spill blood. Thus, she suffers from bloodlust, and, as a result, most men fear her. Sir Avegore, Ambassador of the Dwarves, has a different perspective of her power…as well as the power of sex and love.