Werewolves! Are they sexy?

Werewolves. What is it about them that seem to draw us, fascinate us? Shape changers in general tend to do that, but always we return to the werewolf or the vampire, who, now think about it, often shifts into the form of a wolf.

Werewolves are showing up in romantic fiction nearly as much as the vampire. Is it the wildness of the wolf blending with the human body that attracts us or the fact that a hero or heroine will overcome and withstand the danger and fierceness of such a beast, knowing the one they love is trapped inside the contorted, vicious body of a beast?

Think about your favorite werewolf movie. What is it about the movie that keeps you popping that DVD into the player? Is it pure horror or is it romantic horror? Or is the movie more paranormal romance?

I think of two werewolf movies. One is Silver Bullet, which is an old movie, but classic horror and full of humor. The other is Blood and Chocolate, a sexy paranormal-style werewolf movie. What I like about Blood and Chocolate is the unique spin on the wolfiness. And again, the hero does whatever it takes to protect and love his werewolf girlfriend—and even better is the fact that he struggled to process and accept the realization that wolf people are real. Yes, excellent movie, so if you haven’t seen it yet, grab it, especially since Halloween is coming up.

Here is another question for you. Is sex with a werewolf bestiality? Many publishers state in their guidelines that sex with a shape changer is fine because they don’t view it as bestiality. I would say that it depends on the story and its content. In the recent film version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, there is a clip where Dracula is in werewolf form doing the dirty deed with Lucy. The difference here, I believe, is that Dracula is aware of who he is and that he merely chose to screw in a werewolf form.

If a writer follows actual werewolf lore and legends for his story, those who suffer lycanthropy don’t remember much beyond the killing and the smell and taste of blood. The lust for blood and the thrill of the kill is what is foremost in their tortured mind and body. So sex with a lycanthrope spells doom. He or she is going to rip your heart out literally, sunshine.

So, isn’t that actually sex with a beast?

Again, I believe it’s how a story is handled. And I feel it’s essential to have sound, detailed world building so that the paranormal world involving the werewolf urges the reader to suspend his beliefs.

Lycanthropy fascinates me. I find I like writing about werewolves more than I do vampires. Blue Moon is the launch book for a series that will involve many lycanthropes, vampires, demons, witches, warlocks and more, but the focus will be on the werewolf. My heroine, Anvahn, finds her new love only to have her old lover, a powerful warlock, step in and screw things up for her, so she embarks on a journey of revenge. There will be lots of sex, magic, and paranormal coolness in this series of novellas.

However, I tend to blend lore and legend with my stories. The hero becomes a werewolf by drinking water from the footprint of a werewolf. When I mentioned this in a chat a few weeks back, a reader was shocked by this knowledge. Yes, drinking from a werewolf’s or wolf’s footprint was believed to transform one into a lycanthrope.

If erotic paranormal romance is your thing, if you find werewolves cool, and if romance with an edge is even cooler, I hope you will investigate Blue Moon further. Breathless Press is a great new publisher, and my books are appearing at more and more distributors. Remember, though, that Blue Moon is a launch book for a series. You can get this book at the following links which are linked directly to it.

Breathless Press.com   All Romance eBooks.com   Mobipocket.com   1Romance.com

So, share with me your favorite movie and why? Also tell me what it is about a werewolf that keeps you coming back for more, and is sex with a werewolf bestiality or does it depend on the situation, the plot, and the scene?

I think this is a fun topic for the wicked-cool holiday coming up at the end of the month!


37 Responses to “Werewolves! Are they sexy?”

  1. Is it sex with a beast? I’ve never read a werewolf story in which the heroine or hero have sex with the shifter while they are in animal form. So I’d say no, definitely not beastiality. I would not read it if there was an attempt to have sex with the werewolf form either. I’m thinking that some writers have tried this though, because I read on a sub guideline at some publisher just recently that they did not accept shifter stories if the sex takes place while the hero is in animal form. Wish I could remember where I saw that now. Oh well, it’ll come to me. lol

    As for why they fascinate us? It’s the raw power, the danger. The thought that there is something magical about them and that magic may somehow touch us. Even the idea that something so wild and mystical with such raw power will give you a better ride too! WINK. lol

    And like all women, I think we enjoy thinking we can tame the beast, so to speak. lol

    • kbhotromances Says:

      Wicked-cool viewpoint, Tess! The part about women taming the beast is an interesting take on werewolf romance. I had not thought about that part. And LOL @ better ride!

      I do see where sex with the werewolf itself smacks of bestiality, but what if he or she is in a half-changed form? OK, lots of things to consider on this topic, isn’t there? I will say that in all my werewolf romance stories, the sex never happens if the guy (I have not written a werewolf woman yet) has shape shifted. It is always between them as full humans.

      • Half-changed form wouldn’t be a turn on for me either. I want my men to be men. He can change all he wants, just do it away from me, or to save me. lol

  2. What Tess said! If I read a scene where the bloke was a wolf having sex, I’d close the book.


    • kbhotromances Says:

      What about you, Emmy and Tess? Any favorite werewolf movies you want to mention?

      • To tell you the truth, I’ve never seen a werewolf movie that did the character justice.

        I mean, if you read these werewolf romances, the movies about werewolves, for me at least, have been very weak in comparison.

    • Oh hell no. Can you imagine getting all that fur in your mouth? And what about those claws? Yuk. I expect my men to have their toenails trimmed. lol

      Fur in your mouth? Did I say that? Now I know how men feel when they…
      yep, muff diving is not something I’d want to do either. LMAO…

      • kbhotromances Says:

        OK, Tess, you must visit my blog more often. Good thing I had swallowed my coffee before reading this comment. Made me burst out laughing.

  3. Blood & Chocolate is one of my fav movies, but most movie makers tend to make werewolves drooling beasts and vampires cool and sexy! In my books, Blood Line and Ancient Blood, I’ve made the werewolves hot & sexy, just as nature intended them to be!

    Rie McGaha…fantasy that keeps you up

    • kbhotromances Says:

      LOL @ as nature intended them to be. Well, I am not sure if nature intended it, but society seems to have created the eroticism part.

    • I so agree. The movies don’t do the werewolf justice at all. They have not found the romance in that creature yet. It’s coming.

  4. Interesting topic. I have to say I really love werewolves. My second book from Kaldor is somewhat like Blue Moon, in the sense that it has lots of paranormal creatures, including vampires, werewolves, werecats, demons (incubi) and Sidhe. I love vamps and werewolves equally, and truly, I don’t a werewolf fanatic can’t love pretty vampires as well.
    I do understand why sex in shifted form can be an ick factor for some publishing houses. Even if the werewolf is still himself, intellectually, his body is different and it may not always be compatible with human anatomy. There’s truly a thin line. My own preference is a bit weird: they can be furry and have paws, but they can’t be fully into wolf form (like a true wolf). Basically, they have to conserve some part of their humanity in physical aspect. Again, it’s just a matter of taste.
    And on a different note. I’m not really crazy about Blood and Chocolate. It’s not their take on werewolves that bothers me, but the way the background was filmed. Since the movie setting is the city I live in, I see it differently. I was a bit frustrated to see the heroine jog on top/in front of the Palace of Parliament. It’s completely unrealistic and it annoyed me. Imagine if you saw someone randomly jog in front of the White House in an American movie. That’s my take on the beginning scene. And there were other aspects in the same field that bothered me.
    Either way, I’m deviating from the subject. The idea: I love werewolves. It would be interesting to note, though, and maybe you can add it to your post, what is the best way werewolf can shift? That is is it more believable when it’s described as a slow process, with each bone modifying itself, or is it better the magical way, the type used in Blood and Chocolate?

    • kbhotromances Says:

      That is very interesting about the palace. I just learned something I did not know, so thank you for sharing that!

      For me, I would have to say that shifting magically is better, less of that squick factor we’ve mentioned a few times in this discussion. Besides, the magic part of it can be used to play up the scene, so that is a lot of fun when writing. And using magic or the imagination can convey so much more that a harsh physical change cannot.

      • 🙂 In case you’re wondering, the heroes from B&C also drive through a historical landmark (the Triumphal Arch) which is of course, normally, not allowed. I agree with the magical type, but mostly because it’s easier to write. It would make sense that bones would have to crunch a bit while they shift, especially since canines have a different number of bones than humans. Anyway, there’s a lot to discuss about that. If we go on magic, we can go over that complicated issue, without delving into anatomy and painful processes. Also, werewolves can actually be dealt with in a strictly anatomical way, but trying to do that with other types of creatures, like, for example, dragons… Well, that would be very interesting and not so fun to explain.

  5. Since I’ve just started my first werewolf novel myself, I am so glad to have found this discussion…

    Didn’t LKH have a scene with one of her men in their animal shape or partial animal transformation? I thought she did…now I have to go back through the books… hoping not all (17?) of them! lol

    I too love the history of the lore…

    Is anyone else looking forward to the release of New Moon? Can’t wait to see how Jacob pulls off a sexy wolf!

    • Yeah, LKH did have a partial animal sex scene. I think it was in Incubus Dreams. Which ever book is before her pregnancy scare.

      And on a side note, Kiyara, I really love you blog. I don’t have to fill out my name/email/website everytime I want to comment. It’s nice.

      • kbhotromances Says:

        Thanks, Honoria!

        And the blog is doing so well too. The past two discussions have been fantastic, especially the one about werewolves.

  6. patsy hagen Says:

    Are werewolves sexy? That would be a definate YES. When they are in human form, the guys just have that ‘something’ that makes you think “Oh my”. Maybe it’s the expression in the eyes or the smile that insinuates they know something you don’t. For me, that is what it was in the movie WOLF with Jack Nickleson, my favorite werewolf movie. Is sex with a werewolf beastiality? No. If he is in human form, you are having a really good time. If he is in wolf form, he will kill you, so what does it matter?

    • kbhotromances Says:

      Roxy and Patsy, thanks for visiting and chiming in. Roxy, I never could get into any of LKH’s books. Just do not care for her style, but her ideas are cool. Roxy, I had forgotten about Wolf with Jack Nickleson! Good flick!

  7. I definitely think Werewolves are sexy. They are the ultimate Alpha male, which i love. Give me a werewolf any day over a sweet sexy metro type.

  8. Wolverine is close to a werewolf and he’s fine. That’s why I like most book covers without a face. I want to insert my own image of the hero on that cover. And abs. I gotta have some abs. And biceps. And long power full legs. Opps, I’m lost in my own fantasy. I need to go write.

  9. lorettaC Says:

    I never saw the movie Blood and Chocolate but I will find it now. I have never gotten excited about a werewolf but I read about some sexy one.

    loretta canton

    • kbhotromances Says:

      The people who change into wolves in that movie do it in a magical manner, so that’s one of the cool things about it.

  10. I’ve never done shifter sex in animal form, and won’t ever, because I do find that to be bestiality and it just doesn’t do it for me. Now if they’re in human form that’s just fine.

    And if you thought the Blood and Chocolate movie was good you should really read the book by Annette Curtis Klause. They COMPLETELY messed up the movie. It’s still a pretty good movie, but I’m not even sure how they can claim its based on her book. They kept the names of people the same, and they fact that they were werewolves and that was all. Sorry, you hit a big nerve there. It’s the movie that convinced me I would never sell the movie rights to my books unless I was directly involved with the making of the movie.

    Honestly, there aren’t a lot of good werewolf movies out there. There are more good vampire flicks. An American Werewolf in London is good, but the ending sucks. I like vampires more than I do werewolves.

    Hmm…Now I feel like re-reading Blood and Chocolate.

    • kbhotromances Says:

      I had no idea the movie was based on a book, but I do find that most movies mess up the novels. Look at how many Stephen King books were slaughtered by movie companies. It’s a shame really because there is so much good stuff left out of the flicks when producers do that.

      And I have always said the same thing about selling movie rights too. I want to make sure that the movie goes along as closely as possible with the book!

      • Yeah, and ranting aside, you should read the book, because it is really good. Lol, I’ve never actually read a Stephen King novel. I read On Writing, which I loved. Harry Potter books follow pretty well. Probably as closely as they could. I haven’t seen the Twilight movies so I don’t know how well they go with the books.

        Yeah, I’d have to have my hands in everything from the screen play, to the actors they picked to play my characters.

  11. I knew about the B&C being made from books, and that fans of books were disappointed. I myself didn’t read them. However, I have read some Stephen King, and let me tell you, the book gave me nightmares, while the movie didn’t :)). I don’t know how that happened, and I still don’t understand how Stephen King got away with some major child pornography (as I saw it at least). Either way, the movie did suck a lot of juice out of it. In case you’re wondering, the book in question is “It” – the one with the evil clown :P.

    • kbhotromances Says:

      Oh my gosh! I know what you mean, Scarlet! Don’t get me wrong, IT is probably one of my top three favorite King books, but the sex with Bev when she was just a little girl appalled me. I always wondered how that got through the edits too. And I agree with you that the movie stunk. It may have been better if it hadn’t been a regular television movie.

      • Maybe given that he’s Stephen King, he can be allowed to be a dirty old man. Seriously though, I don’t really think SK movies are bad, but that they don’t do the books justice, not in horror terms at least. That is, the books are much more horrifying (and I’m saying this in as a compliment) than the movies. That’s a bit surprising and frustrating, given the amount of special effects that exist nowadays. Maybe with 3D the problem will be fixed, although I doubt it.
        Oh and on this note, Jacob’s werewolf form from New Moon is horrid. No offence, Roxy, but they really did a number on that.

  12. OH! Just realized I forgot to share my favorite movie. Hands down, the best werewolf/vamp movie is Underworld. Can’t wait to see what they come up with in 4.

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  15. Dear Friends, Hey! How are you? Happy late Hallowen! 😀

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