Love in Bizarre Places

Can love be found in bizarre, unexpected places?

Do you ever see someone on the streets, a homeless person, and wonder what their life is like? Does it make you thankful that you have a warm home, a job—even if it might be a crummy one—or a decent car? Seeing such people always serves to make me stop and think about my life.

What really bothers me is that often many of these people are on the street not because they’re lazy, but because they had no one willing to help them when they lost their job, their home, and their savings. There are so many families living in their cars or cheap motels right now it is frightening.

These people have dreams of a better life. They hope for a brighter, easier future. Do not ever doubt the human spirit or its wants and desires. I guess that is where the saying ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ came from, but often, the way is hard to find or comes in an unexpected manner that we are afraid to try or even consider.

A long time ago I lost my rental home. At the time I was very young and very stupid, so it never occurred to me to fight the landlord on his snap decision to sell the house without first warning me. How many people out there nowadays have had this happen and not know they have rights?

It occurred to me that matters like this must be one of the many reasons that people created tales about knights in shining armor, maidens in distress, paranormal creatures that can either frighten the dickens out people or become an unexpected savior, and magical powers, beings, and places.

It’s escapism. A way to abandon the worries and hardships of life no matter if it is now or if happened millennia ago.

How many times do you see a homeless person in a horror movie used as the next victim? One movie comes to mind: Spawn. Large portions of that movie involves an alley full of homeless people.

Ever wonder what those who sleep on the streets see at night? I mean beyond the drugs, the murders, gang wars, and hookers. Stop to consider that this world is full of unexplained phenomena, that it’s brimming with secrets yet to be discovered. What has someone who has spent their entire life on the street witnessed that avoids reality and hints at the unknown or the paranormal?

It makes me wonder, but then my fiction has an edge, so I tend to thing about a lot of wild and wicked things.

Candy Bar LiaisonAnyway, these are some of the points I considered when I wrote The Candy Bar Liaison. Can love be found on the streets? Is love an unexpected discovery where it’s cold, lonely, and difficult to survive—or does one just have to look closer to find it? How many people have found one another on the streets, married, and enjoyed long, satisfying relationships?

Well, for Jill, it all began when she entered a little corner grocery and swiped candy bars (which are later used in a way that proves very hot and interesting). Her life has a happy ending with a wonderful man and two great m/m neighbors. I only hope all the homeless can find their happy endings too.

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6 Responses to “Love in Bizarre Places”

  1. Kiraya, you hit the nail on the head. What is really out there that we can’t see? Sometimes I wonder if there are layers of reality going on right next to us. Another life struggling beside me to attain their dreams. But one I can’t see.

    I believe in the afterlife. A better place to look forward to. If I didn’t, what would be the purpose of my existence? But what about reincarnation? What if we fail to accomplish our purpose in this life and we’re sent back again as another entity to finish the job?

    And some people lose their dreams and the will to go on. Without our dreams there is nothing. Maybe that’s why we write the HEA? To keep hope alive even in the hardest of times.

    • kbhotromances Says:

      It sounds like you’ve visited the weird world known as my mind, lol.

      I’m working on an erotic romance trilogy that deals with a couple of those topics. They will be submitted to Breathless Press.

  2. They say ‘great minds think alike’ lol. Let me know when these come out. I’ll be interested. 🙂

  3. Years ago my son was in DC on a school trip and was shocked by people walking around a homeless person who’d apparently died on the sidewalk. I’ve been shocked by supposedly educated people who say that most of the homeless are there because they want to be. I suppose it lets them sleep better at night to think that someone would choose that life instead of being forced into it by the same policies that were making him wealthy.

    The heroine in my latest release was forced to live on the streets and that knowledge is what gives her the attitude that saves her in the book that takes place ten years later. She latched onto the hope that she would find her happily ever after and maybe that’s what survival boils down to.

    • kbhotromances Says:

      What a sad story. How sad, too, that the homeless person probably remained there a long time before someone called the authorities about them. This world needs more kindness, more compassion. It is another reason I wrote The Candy Bar Liaison. So many street stories have sad endings, but I wanted mine to have an HEA.

  4. patsy hagen Says:

    I have heard a quote many times…There, but by the grace of God, go I. I don’t know who first said it, but…it fits. Any one of us could be homeless at any time. I know my family would help me, if that happened, but evidently there are thousands who aren’t that lucky. That is so sad. I have to get a copy of THE CANDY BAR LIAISON and hope for a happy ending.

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