The Allure of Vampires

vampire Pictures, Images and PhotosVampires.

The mere word conjures a myriad of images in a person’s mind. There are so many legends, so many myths, and so many variations on said legends and myths it boggles the mind.

Everything from Lilith to Dracula to sparkly teen vamps has been put into words or on film.

But what is a vampire? Ever really thought about it? A creature of the night deemed undead that feeds on the blood of the living. A person damned to live forever, feasting on the life force of others.

Do vampires have souls? Some say that a demon invades the body of those who are bitten and turned by a vampire.

Lots of questions and lots of speculation.

I have two questions for this blog. Would you become a vampire if given the chance? And what is it about vampires that would make you say yes, turn me?

Would you want to be immortal only to watch your family and friends Vampire Male 3 Pictures, Images and Photosgrow old and die? And as the decades and centuries pass, every person you would fall in love with would suffer the same fate. Could you stand by and watch them die one by one or would you be tempted to give them immortality too?

Would you grow bored living forever? I think I would. I get bored as it is, so I can only imagine facing three or four thousand years of the same things over and over. After a couple hundred years, I would probably be going around to people on street corners throwing sharpened pieces of wood at them and yelling, “Stake me! Stake me now!” only to land in a psyche ward somewhere facing another couple hundred years of staring at the same pee stains on the floor of a padded happy room.

So no, I don’t think I would make a good vampire. The idea of drinking blood makes me wretch anyway. And although the ability to shape shift is sort of cool, the thought that vampires are truly ugly, revolting creatures disguised with beauty is a little off putting too.

Vampire Lovers Pictures, Images and PhotosBut what is it about a vampire that enthralls us?

I think part of it is the wickedness that is masked with eroticism. Stop and consider that, though. If vampires are real, do you think they are sexy (I just heard Rod Stewart in my head. Creepy!) with hypnotic eyes, perfect skin, silky hair, and dress in the latest designer clothes? It depends on what they are, I suppose. If they are demonic, then as a trickster, they would probably employ whatever it takes to woo their victims. But if they are really the same person who finds he has a taste of blood and cannot find sunscreen with an SPF of 1000 or more, then maybe there is some truth to the sexiness and hypnotic eyes. Maybe a vampire has to do whatever it takes to survive in the human world, so being a vampire comes with cool powers to help the species survive.

But there is definitely something about vampires that keeps us buying the novels and wearing out our credit and debit cards at the theaters or movie rental place.

Could it be possible that vampires are already working on us, plying us with what we want, putting those movies and books out there for our minds to feast on, getting us ready for when they reveal themselves…

Blue MoonI admit I love a great vampire novel or movie. Even my stories have vamps in them. Take Anvahn, for instance. Anvahn is a witch who has seen it all. She’s even bedded several vampires. Blue Moon is the launch book for an erotic paranormal romance series that has a vampire who makes many appearances. He’s a wily vamp, a sexy vamp, but he’s so dangerous that even Anvahn, a very formidable witch, is extremely careful around him.

What is it that Anvahn likes about this sexy vampire? She doesn’t know either. But she does know that if she were ever to go over to the undead’s side, he would be the one she’d choose as her master.

So tell me. Would you become a vampire? Yes? No? What do you find so alluring about vamps?

And if you would like more information about Blue Moon and Anvahn’s journey to avenge her lover (and all the sexcapades she gets into), here are the links to the book. Breathless    


You can also find an excerpt of Blue Moon on the excerpt page of this site.


16 Responses to “The Allure of Vampires”

  1. What’s alluring about vampires? Rather the question is what’s not alluring. We all fall for the tall, dark and dangerous types and there’s just something about the danger they represent that makes them sexy.
    Most definitely, I’d love to be a vampire :). I can always turn my close ones and have a big vampire happy family.
    Seriously though, vampires are crazily popular these days. So much so that I would even say it’s being overdone. Therefore, I think that if you want to write a vampire book, you need a degree of originality, something that will draw the reader, that will keep him from saying “oh, it’s just the same old, same old.” That’s the danger with really popular concepts and creatures.
    With vampires, you have a lot of space to move around. The basic thing is the blood sucking, and after that you can choose whatever. That’s where author creativity steps in and you get to play around with powers, society, history etc. Personally, I love to do research regarding fantastical creatures. Mind you, my vampires aren’t Vlad the Impaler types (Romanian pet peeve) but they have a slightly more complex history.
    Oh, and on this note. Sparkling vampires? Sorry, but not really my cup of tea.

    • kbhotromances Says:

      Hi Scarlet. You seem to show up here a lot, which is cool! And you leave really well thought out comments that I love to find.

      K, I have to agree with you on all notes. Even the sparkly vamps. Oh, my gosh, when I first heard about the vamps that sparkle in the sunshine, I could not believe it. Different, yes, but it also goes against all vampiness!

      I agree, too, on the originality thing. But vampires are so loved by readers that I think they will be a mainstay in romantic fiction for a very long time.

    • kbhotromances Says:

      It seems the overall view of living forever is the same. I’m of a like mind. And the boredome, like I said in the blog post, would get the best of me.

      Yeah, there is definite appeal for the bad boy or bad girl thing. But they always get a person in trouble too, lol.

  2. Awesome topic Kiyara!

    I have loved vampires since I was a child. I think for me it is the air of eroticism the vampire exudes. The very thought of a tall, dark, brooding creature such as the vampire is exciting because of the dangerous strength they possess, yet they can be so gentle, you know? Also, their insatiable sexual appetite they have. Oh Yeah!! Oh, and those gorgeous glowing eyes of theirs. Remember Shane Brolly from Underworld!! YUMMY!

    I would not want to live forever, not alone, especially in this world today. Witnessing my loved ones dying around me would encase me in loneliness forever, so I could not tolerate that. Plus, I would hate to see what this world would be like a couple of hundred years from now!

    Imagine the lonely life of a vampire, putting distance between themselves and humans out of fear of their true identities surfacing. Constantly moving to different cities, countries over the centuries. Imagine falling for someone, scared of telling them the truth of what you truly are. Plus, living off blood wouldn’t cut it for me!

    The vampire genre is definitely popular, and I so love it! The possibilities are endless and we all can mold our vampires to our own imagination. I never grow tired of reading about vampires, because there is always something unique each author adds to their story!

    Bram Stoker’s Dracula has been on Chiller four times within the past week, the same with Interview With a Vampire. I have them both on DVD, yet I watch them whenever they are on.

    • kbhotromances Says:

      That version of Dracula is THE best version, imo. I love it. And I have watched it twice in the last week, lol.

      I often wonder what I would do if I met a real vampire just like the ones you mention in your comment. It would be difficult not to be frightened out of my mind and attracted at the same time. What has he seen? Who has he met? Where has he lived and what powers does he have? Oh! My mind goes crazy thinking of all the what ifs!

      Thank you so much for commenting, Charisma, and I love that name. Makes me think of the actress Charisma Carpenter. Loved her in Angel!

      • You are absolutely correct! That is the best damned version! The beginning totally rocks, gets your adrenaline pumping, with the acting and the music. It sends chills down my spine.

        Anthony Hopkins’ role was great in Dracula. I love the part when he says “We cut off her head, and cut out her heart, then she found peace,” and the children at the other table are giggling!

        You know Chiller shows their movies twice in one night. It comes on at 8 or 9, then again around 3 a.m., and I’m up writing, and it only gives me an excuse not to go to bed. lol

        Now see, I was going to talk about this in my last post. Ha Ha! I ALWAYS think about what I would do if I were to meet some handsome vampire dude. I know damn well I would be attracted! I would just need to make sure he kept his blood lust in check, so falling asleep in his arms would be totally out of the question. lol

        I would be intrigued, like a little kid asking so many questions about the time frames and countries, all the changes of the world. OMG It would be so awesome. Also, I would need to know if his handsome face was real, and if a wrinkled, crusty monstrosity existed beneath. Knowing me, I’d probably get past that somehow. How sick is that??? LOL

  3. kbhotromances Says:

    LOL, your reply had me giggling because I would be the same way. I would probably poke his chin and ask, “Is that the real thing or is there creepiness under there?” LOLOL!

  4. Great post. Your book sounds interesting too.

    There is something appealing about living forever, but it probably isn’t as great as it seems. It must be hard to watch the people you love die. I think it would be boring to live for hundreds of years. It makes for a great angsty story, but not for real life.

    It might seem like a great idea to ‘turn’ someone you love so you can be together forever, but in reality, forever is a long time. It might not be so wonderful. I would imagine you would get sick of each other after a while.

    So, I am torn between wanting to be a vampire and living a normal mortal life. If I had the chance to be a vampire, I would probably do it out of curiosity and might regret it later. I am sure it would at least be fun for a while.

    Happy Halloween (Samhain)!

    • kbhotromances Says:

      I have to agree with you. There are times I could hang my husband up to dry, lol, and although I love him, an eternity with him? I don’t know if I have that much patience!

  5. Great post Kiyara!

    Would I want to be a vampire? I don’t think so, but it is fun to fantasize about it. The appeal? Living forever isn’t that appealing to me but having powers (not the sparkling though, that is lame) being able to do as you pleased, is rather interesting.

    But it would be too hard to watch everyone you know and love die while you’re left behind. Although, it might be cool to watch the world progress and see new inventions. Drinking blood though, not on my list of things I want to do before I die. LOL

    I think mostly the appeal is the bad boy/bad girl aspect of the vampire. There is just something sexy about a person who is willing to break the rules. 🙂

  6. Fantastic post, Kiyara.

    I think being a vampire would be fun, except that I’d probably get sick of humanity. Hell, humanity pisses me off now with the cruelty people inflict on each other.

    Plus, bordom would probably drive me to mischief, and I already get in to too much of that as it is. 🙂

    Still, I’ll always love vampires. Their mysterious sexiness in just undeniable. Yum.

    • kbhotromances Says:

      Society today does leave a lot to cringe about, doesn’t it? Might turn out that vampires are kinder than humans.

  7. patsy hagen Says:

    I have never wanted to be a vampire, but I find them interesting. Their immortality and their powers are fascinating.

  8. delightfullydisturbing Says:

    Great post Kiyara,

    I’ve never tried writing a vampire story, but I might. As you pointed out, people just love a good vampire story.

    One of the traditional vamp themes is that vampires usually drain or turn people who are tired of living. They make death seem romantic, appealing.

    Would I want to be turned to a vampire. No, but I’m a hopeless romantic. If I found myself in love and in bed with a beautiful vampire-ess; and she suddenly sprouted fangs. I don’t think I would try to escape. I’d surrender to her and hope for the best.


    • kbhotromances Says:

      Oh, what an interesting concept! Making death seam romantic or appealing. Fantastic comment!

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