Do You Dare???

If you have a significant other, are you willing to do whatever it takes to please him or her? Will you try new things from checking out a new restaurant that may not be something you would like to doing something new in the bedroom or some other designated spot?

Is it important to you to please him or her? And do you expect the same in return?

I invite you to investigate Margie’s Room below and see what Joe encounters when he finds the key to his wife’s secrect gym. Then take a minute, please, and answer my above questions by leaving a comment. Let’s get a nice discussion going amongst my readers.

Do you dare enter Margie’s Room?

Ladies and gents, this story is beyond hot, beyond calling the fire department, and dangerously addicting. 


How far will one man go to please his wife?

Joe is married to a beautiful woman, but when she has a gym installed in their basement that he’s not allowed to enter, he begins to wonder what Margie might be hiding. One day Joe finds Margie’s key and gets a peep show he never expected.

 Margies Room 


Margie retrieved her sports bra where she’d hung it on the doorknob. “Be back in an hour or so,” she called and shut the basement door behind her.

About ten minutes later, the door swung open again, startling me. “What’s wrong, babe?” I asked.

She laughed. “I forgot my water bottle.” She laid the key to the mini gym on the isle counter, yanked open the fridge, and grabbed a bottle of Evian. With a seductive smile on her luscious mouth, she disappeared into the basement again.

However, the key still lay on the countertop.

No way.

I looked again. Yes, it was really there.

I waited. If I took the key and headed downstairs I knew I’d bump into Margie on her way back up to retrieve it.

I had lost interest in the article, so I picked up the daily paper and read through the comics. Five minutes passed, then ten. Maybe Margie hadn’t realized she’d even left it on the counter. She did have several errands to do today, so she was probably preoccupied.

Did I dare…?

Hell, why not? What was she going to do? Yell at me? Forbid me from entering her secret gym?

Anticipation raced through me. I tossed the paper on the floor and marched into the kitchen where I snatched up the key. Opening the basement door, I slowly crept down the stairs, avoiding the squeaky ones just in case Margie could detect such sounds from the confines of her gym.

In bare feet, I padded across the carpeted floor and stopped halfway to Margie’s secret room. The door was ajar about an inch. I glanced at the key in my hand, then pocketed it for safe keeping. It wasn’t like my wife to be so careless, especially where her workout room was concerned.

Quietly, I approached the door and listened. Soft music wafted through the crack: it sounded like Pitbull’s Go Girl, one of Margie’s favorites. She passed through my line of vision and paused. Her sports bra lay on the floor by the free weights. Tugging the thong she wore down along her long, coltish legs, she pulled one foot free and used the other to kick the panties over to join the titty holder. Perplexed, I wondered why she even bothered to take a sports bra down there with her if she wasn’t going to wear one. Margie then picked up something I couldn’t quite see. At first, it looked like a medicine ball, but when she turned around with it, my mouth fell open.

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Remember the above questions! Leave a comment and let’s talk about what we would do for those we love!


5 Responses to “Do You Dare???”

  1. As for my answer to the questions above, yes, I do what I can to keep my spouse happy, but he knows that he shouldn’t go out of my comfort zone unless I’m willing to try something new. It could be a new food, a new drink, something in the bedroom, or even a different sort of movie than I normally watch. I’m open to new things.

  2. I love new things. It’s fun shopping in the adult toy store with my dh. I get such a kick out of his expression when we pass by some of the more kinky things for guys. I know there are some items not to even mention, because the first time I reached for them, he gave me that evil look of his that says ‘don’t even think about it.’ The second try brought a serious “Forget it! Let’s move on.” I’m just glad fantasies can be kept private. ^_^

    • kbhotromances Says:

      ROFL! Love this comment!

      Have you noticed that you write erotic material (I am a member of your yahoo group) but some things might embarrass you if you were put in that situation? I write very hot fiction, but I think, at times, my fantasies are played out in my fiction because if I was confronted with a particular position or toy, it would probably embarrass me. Yes, I will do what I can to keep my spouse happy, but like I said in my earlier answer to this blog, I do have a comfort zone too. LOL!

      There are even times my spouse can look at me and make me blush!

  3. I like to please my spouse, and vice-versa, but we both have our limits 🙂
    We recently visited the Erotic Museum in Vegas that opened this past summer. Lots of kinky things that had us both giving each other that ‘no-way’ expression.
    I get a chuckle out of people who read the sex scenes in my stories and say to my hubby, ‘Lucky guy!’ They actually believe we try all those positions lol

    • kbhotromances Says:

      I saw something about that museum on a late night history channel program on sex in history. Sounds like a reallyl interesting place to visit, but I bet there are a lot of people who wander around in there with red faces, lol.

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