Frights and Delights

Halloween Pictures, Images and Photos

Since tomorrow is Halloween, I thought I would have a little fun.

Once upon a time, I had something big and black chase me through the woods. It shook trees, had heavy footsteps, and growled. I ran so fast I kept falling down. My legs shook, I was crying, and although the house was only about two hundred yards away, it felt like it was two miles away. What was the big black thing? Could it have been a bear? I didn’t get a good look at it, but no, it was too big to be a bear. Was it someone playing a trick on me? I doubt it since I was just a kid and we lived in a very isolated area at the time, so what reason would someone have to chase me and make so much noise and weird sounds to frighten a kid?

I have no idea. But it was nearing Halloween, so maybe a door to the other side had drifted open and I had happened across it?

Who knows? I still wonder about it to this day.

I am a firm believer, though, that the odd, strange, and yes, even the paranormal, exists in this world. I believe in vampires—although not exactly as they are portrayed in myths and legends—and I feel that there are evil spirits that walk the earth, and there are witches who practice the black and white arts, some who may have called horrible things to our world and are unable to send them back from whence they came…

What I propose is that my readers and visitors share your scariest Evil Lantern Pictures, Images and Photosencounters with something unexplained. Tell me your stories! Also, do you or don’t you believe in the paranormal or things that go bump in the night?

While here, be sure to investigate my other blog entries. You’ll find things from vamps and werewolves to m/m romance to good news about Margie’s Room. And if you love erotic paranormal romance, I invite you to learn more about Blue Moon, the launch book to a wildly erotic and paranormal-packed series!


3 Responses to “Frights and Delights”

  1. Oh I am a total believer of the paranormal. I once lived in a real haunted house complete with a ghost who loved to help out. She made sure the drapes were opened in the morning so that the rising sun blinded my mother in her bedroom. She fed my baby sister her bottle during the night and when she wasn’t doing all that she would help herself to tea, though she was anything but quiet as she looked for cups and saucers. LOL

  2. Sounds like she was a grandmotherly or motherly ghost.

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