Awesome Contract!!!

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Friday night’s email check revealed a contract offer from Siren Bookstrand Publishing!

I had been crossing my fingers for a couple of weeks, and let out a little whoop of happiness when I found the email. The contract arrived today, so it will go in the mail this week.

I had a brainstorm that involves a new twist on mankind. The novella is called Alter-Human: Lady of the Lair, Volume One. It’s a contemporary paranormal/sci-fi series. So far I’m planning three books, but the series could be longer.

Thrilled does not describe how I feel right now. Five contracts in two months is amazing! Who would have ever thought that my freelancing career would help me so much in erotic romance ebooks?

Bloodlust-RedBefore I forget, I wanted to remind all my readers that this Friday, November 6, my new book, BLOODLUST, will be available to purchase from

When a tiny wisp of a woman is cursed by Loki, she wields a sword most men would struggle to use and is untamable, but then along comes the Ambassador of Dwarves…

Deyorah is cursed by Loki. She loves to spill blood. Thus, she suffers from bloodlust, and, as a result, most men fear her. Sir Avegore, Ambassador of the Dwarves, has a different perspective of her power…as well as the power of sex and love.

Here’s the page CLICK and there’s a wickely erotic excerpt there too. Remember, this one is alterotica, so it has some really intense eroticism that some people might not be comfortable with.

To check out my other titles, visit the available titles page. There are excerpts on the excerpt page too.


9 Responses to “Awesome Contract!!!”

  1. That is so cool. I can only hope I can get that far! Congrats!

  2. Woo! Congrats on the new contract!

  3. Thanks! So nice of you both!

  4. Congrads on the new contract. The Siren/Bookstrand people are the very best. I’m sure you’ll be happy with them.

  5. So far my experience with them has been great!

  6. Congratulations! Awesome news about the contract and the new release. Looks yummy;-)

  7. Congrats! You’re on a roll lady. Now start dancing. 🙂

  8. A HUGE congrats to you, Kiyara!
    VERY cool!!

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