Alterotica? Is it Pervy?

Warrior Woman Pictures, Images and PhotosWhat is alterotica?

It is erotic content that isn’t always the norm or what some may think is very unusual and intense.

What is the norm for sex? It depends on the person’s viewpoint.

There are some to this day who still undress in the dark and do the dirty deed in the dark. Others feel that anything beyond the missionary position is crude and sinful. And even more feel that anything in fiction that goes beyond emotion in romance is sinful or pervy.

Well, I write Romance with an Edge, so that’s why my closing on posts, emails and letters is signed: wickedly yours. is an awesome publisher with a family-like atmosphere. They publish alterotica, and I’m very pleased to be part of their publishing family.

Is BDSM alterotica? Fetishes? Strange locations to shag?

What exactly do you define as alterotica?

There are some practices that are a bit out of the norm when it comes to sex. Bloodlust-RedIn my novella, Bloodlust, the sex between Sir Avegore, the Ambassador of the Dwarves, and Devorah, a cursed Human woman, is super hot to say the least, but how is my novella alterotica? Simple. It contains fisting.

Think fisting isn’t the norm? Well, I invite you to read Bloodlust and see if how I’ve written it isn’t sexy. You’re not afraid, are you? <smiles> Hey, I said I was wicked. <smiles wider>

Anyway, Sir Avegore is unusually big in stature for a Dwarf, and Devorah is a very tiny woman; this allows the couple to be sexually compatible—and are they ever compatible!

How is Devorah cursed? Well, the god Loki gave her the uncanny ability to wield a broadsword. Broadswords—depending on the origin and era—vary in size, but in Bloodlust, Devorah’s broadsword is a very large, very heavy, and very unwieldy for anyone who isn’t quite strong enough to brandish one.  

So how does Devorah wield such a weapon if she’s so tiny? Well, that is part of her curse and I’m not telling her secret. You will have to find out for yourself. You can find Bloodlust at the following links Love You     All Romance

So, tell me…what do YOU consider to be alterotica?


16 Responses to “Alterotica? Is it Pervy?”

  1. Well, I’d definitely agree that your book fits the bill of alterotica. It’s quite different, from the characters to the sexuality.

    I’ve never tried to define it before. When I used WordWeb (my handy always-on thesaurus/dictionary) to define it, it suggested other words, including alternator and altruistic. lol

    Not to be outdone, I googled the word, and nearly all the first page had references to books from your publisher. So… while I get the impression that it’s a story about characters for whom sex is outside the day-to-day average I can’t pin down an exact definition.

    Perhaps the reason I can’t is that it’s so fluid and changing. M/M is alterotica for some; for others, it’s simply romance. To me, what matters is the relationship between the characters. Alternative or not, what I want to read is love.

    • Catherine Stone Says:

      I’m thinking that Alterotica is a word coined by LYD. I too looked it up a while back. And basically, from what I read on their site, it applies to any kind of relationship that might not be perceived as the heterosexual norm. lol So m/m would fit. So would, menage, f/f, polyamory, BDSM, swinging, and anything that might be borderline taboo in the world of strict heterosexual erotic romance. Without crossing the line between consenting adults, of course.

      Maybe LYD should check into trademarking the term. EC did with Romantica.

      • kbhotromances Says:

        That is an excellent point, Catherine! Come to think of it, I believe you are right about that because I kept coming back to LYD when I was looking into the genre.

  2. Thanks for stopping in, Kayelle. I always enjoy reading your thoughts!

    I tend to agree with you on the definition of alterotica. From what my understanding is, it is anything that the general populace feels is not the norm for sex. For example a woman might have normal sex with her partner but he likes to be flogged with a riding crop as they do the deed. That falls in dominance too, I think, so I guess it is like eroticism. What one finds erotic, another person might not think it is erotic.

  3. I think erotica whether it’s romance or straight erotic stories, pushes the edge. I think that’s what the reader is looking for. They don’t want “safe” sex. They want the fantasy they can’t or won’t fulfill. I’ve never heard of alterotica, but your description makes perfect sense. Best of luck with your newest book.

  4. Interesting discussion since I’ve never heard the word “alterotica”. And I agree that to some folk BDSM would be major alt. But not to me because I read it and write it. Fisting – well, that I’ve never read in an erotic romance, though I’ve thought about including it. No matter the acceptable extremes (and I refer to the extremes the publishers place – no body fluids, blood play, pedophilia, necrophilia, rape or beastiality, no Daddy/little girl play scenarios) there’s going to someone who’ll do hot wax but will say “ewww” to butt plugs. BUT I guess I would have to categorize “alterotica” as something like furries or pony girls/boys. Something in a realm that I just don’t get and cannot find arousing. Human ashtray thing doesn’t grab me either. Fisting? Love to see some of that in an erotic romance!

    • kbhotromances Says:

      Well, Bloodlust includes fisting in its long sex scene, so you might investigate it. I tried very hard to make it erotic.

      I am amazed, too, how many have told me they have never heard of alterotica. I had heard of it, investigated it, and decided to write it, because like everyone has said so far, it depends on the person’s perspective on what’s not the norm in sex.

  5. Tess MacKall Says:

    To each his own I say. Although “fisting” is not something I personally would like to read. And damn sure not participate in. lol

    However, I think that LYD has definitely found it’s niche in this type of marketing. And as someone remarked above, might be a good idea for them to trademark that term—Alterotica. Sounds good to me.

    Good luck with this release. You’re a fabulous writer, and I thoroughly enjoyed your Breathless Press releases.

    • kbhotromances Says:

      Thank you so much!!!

      And I agree with you on trademarking the alterotica term. If EC can do it with the word romantica, LYD should do it too.

      Also, FYI, I would not want to participate in fisting either, but I know an author who writes fisting scenes in a lot of her work and she says those titles sell really well and encouraged me to write one too. Come royalty time, we’ll see if it was worth it! LOL

  6. I agree on the trademarking question. You see “romantica” all over the place now, most often not attributed.

    As for the guidelines for what is or isn’t – I’ve seen numerous erotic romances (and there are more and more of them cropping up, at least that I see) that are BDSM and are pushing the traditional envelope. Sure, not the Harlequin Blaze line, or anything, but serious BDSM is in a number of traditional house’s lines. Fisting – well, I haven’t seen that, would like to, and will be checking out LYD because I can certainly wrap my mind around the more extreme limits of sex in a romance. In fact, I think pushing to extremes can add weight to the conflicts and emotions of a scene too.

  7. Hi, Kiyara,

    Well, I’m not afraid…;^) I’ve never heard the term “alterotica” as a genre before, although, this could be viewed as a play on the old newsgroups (which most of you are too young to remember!)

    I’ve written fisting and even enemas and golden showers. My romance publishers may blanch, but I believe that almost any activity can be genuinely erotic if the author can convince the readers that the participants are enjoying themselves (and not seriously hurting each other). I have one BDSM story that features a vacuum cleaner…and an erotic romance that includes human/snake sex.

    On the other hand, I’m not particularly in favor of extremes for the sake of extremity. Kinkiness is ultimately a state of mind that does not depend on particular actions.

    Kinkily yours,

    • kbhotromances Says:

      Convincing the reader the characters are enjoying themselves is a very good angle on this topic, Lisabet. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love LYD and the fact that they are so open about what their books contain.

    Like you or someone else said (can’t recall who now because I was so engrossed in reading LOL), what one person finds pervy, another finds normal.


  9. I think Lisabet’s comment on the alt newsgroups is right on the money. There are subjects that don’t turn me on, but to each his/her own. I don’t like scatology nor extreme violence. I am currently reading fiction on that deals with the difference between domination and abuse. The author loves the whip, but was about to retaliate when someone pushed her down while her hands were tied behind her in a way that could have caused injury. Her stories are erotic and thought provoking.


    • kbhotromances Says:

      Hi Ray. Thanks for visiting!

      I have been to There are a lot of interesting stories there.

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