Hot Damn!!!

The Candy Bar Liaison was reviewed and given 4 1/2 cherries out of 5 from Whipped Cream Reviews!!!


And you can read the review at the link. I printed it and put it in my scrapbook!

For more information about this book, scroll below the cover.

Super hot contemporary Romance!

What happenswhen a store manager falls in love with a young, homeless woman who shoplifts?

Cory has watched Jill for weeks as she’s pilfered candy bars and various foods, then he discreetly puts the money in the till for her. Finally, he gathers the courage to talk to Jill over lunch, gives her a part-time job, and helps her get on her feet, but there’s one problem: her vicious Aunt Rachel, who kicked Jill out and takes care of her invalid mother. With the encouragement of Cory’s gay friends across the hall, he finally sets the scene for a dinner to pop the big question and resolve the issues of Jill’s old life.

After all, love and–and even an engagement ring–can be found in unexpected places.

Available at the following links and other distributors.

Breathless Press    All Romance eBooks 



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