Get in on the contest!

pic 12 Pictures, Images and PhotosSo far December has been a busy month for me, but it hasn’t been Christmas related. I have been putting my head down and concentrating only on my manuscripts.

If you are wondering what I’m working on, I have a couple things at the moment that I want to finish. One is another manuscript for called LOVE CAPTIVE. It’s sci-fi/fantasy and alterotica romance. The other is a full paranormal novel.

I am mentally outlining the next book in the ALTER-HUMAN series, turning ideas, subplots and whatnots around in my brain. Book one is contracted with Siren Publishing, but I am still waiting on an official release date. Oh, and I do have a shape shifter erotic romance that I submitted this week. It’s het romance, but it does have a polyamorous scene in it that is really wild, lol. By the way, did I mention that Alter-Human: Lady of the Lair is a menage romance?

However, I have taken time out to look around online at BLOODLUST‘s standings. It has been doing very well. And before I forget, I want to remind everyone to get in on my current contest. The fantasy calender is very pretty, and it will cheer up whoever is drawn at the winner. I know the weeks after Christmas can be depressing, so why not enter the Bloodlust contest and take a chance at winning the calendar?

Check out the links for more info. And…Bloodlust is now available on, so if you have Kindle reader, you can grab this novella for your Kindle library. You can also find it at and also at Or visit my Available Titles page.


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