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Murder, Mayhem, and Super Glue

Posted in Uncategorized on December 22, 2009 by kbhotromances

What is it about Christmas that brings the worst out in people? Isn’t this supposed to be a time of jolliness? A time of good will? A time of “Hey buddy! That Barbie doll is mine! Drop it or lose a few fingers!”

Cough-cough! Sorry, but that is what I have been dealing with of late. One of the things about the Christmas season I could do without is going out to shop amongst all the crazy people running around right now. I would much rather spend my time writing.

When I was contemplating three different bottles of perfume for three different friends, one lady had the nerve to ask me if I was going to buy something or just stand there and look stupid. Not a good way to start a shopping day, let me tell you! I replied, “I guess since you’re buying anti-wrinkle cream you don’t have much time to spare.”

The look she gave me could have been a pin-up poster for a horror movie, but she left me alone.

I came home to brainstorm on the next Alter-Human book (Book One, Lady of the Lair is due out after the first of the year with Siren-Bookstrand Publishing). The next book, the ménage romance aside, deals with murder and mayhem, and all I could think about was the nasty woman at the department store. My characters are in a ménage romance and one of the heroes has been blamed for a murder he didn’t commit. The problem is how to work out this subplot.

Once again, the woman at the department store kept popping into my mind.

Maybe she will appear as an Alter-Human Female in book two—one who gets her comeuppance. LOL, yes, I can be very wicked. I am going to blame it on this stressful season.

This holiday craziness has fractured my muse. It has a big crack running down the middle of it.

Anyone have any Super Glue?

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