December’s In the Spotlight: Selene Noreen

K: Welcome Selene! You’re another fellow Breathless Press author, but you’re fairly new on the e-book scene too, aren’t you?

SN: Yes I am. I have one other contract right now with Freya’s

K: Tell the readers a little bit about yourself. What sub-genres of romantic fiction do you write and do you have a website they can visit?

SN: I love to read and write erotic sci-fi. Don’t get me wrong, I am also hooked on paranormal. I love a good vampire or werewolf story. Hopefully I’ll dive into writing those soon. Yes, I have website it’s at

K: What part about writing do you hate and love the most?

SN: Oh, the hate part is easy for me; it’s the editing. I can’t stop writing. I love it so much and I have so many ideas floating in my head, but when it comes to editing I cringe!

K: So what was the inspiration for your Christmas e-book, Naughty for Christmas?

SN: Don’t know really. I just saw the old commercial of the Jolly Green Giant one day and laughed, thinking he would be a great elf.

K: I bet that title, Naughty for Christmas, alone will sell copies! LMAO! How on earth did you come up with such a title?

SN: Well to let you on a little secret, the first title was The Jolly Green Giant but with the Jolly Green Giant being a trade name I didn’t want to push the boundaries, so I had help from the staff of Breathless Press on creating a title.

K: You’ve mentioned the character, Hood, who is an alpha male hero. What do you see in your mind’s eye when you imagine him in your book? Is he built like a Greek God or more like football player or a special actor?

SN: Hmm the guy I see is very close to the man on the book’s cover, but with red hair. He has the same hard look.

K: So what’s the heroine, Trisha, like in Naughty for Christmas? Is she a strong woman? A weak one, working toward being strong or something else entirely?

SN: I see her very strong independent woman in the work force and around her brothers. But in the bedroom she wants to drop the strong woman and have her man take care of her.

K: What’s on your schedule for the next manuscript you will submit somewhere?

SN: Well, I’m currently working on a story with author Molly Diamond. We have a brief synopsis about the story on our websites. I also have another story with Freya’s that won’t be out until much later called The Celtic God Who Loved Her.

K: Can you tell us a little bit about the plot of that one?

SN: The Celtic God Who Loved Her is about a woman trying to start over after the loss of her husband and partner. She has six children and returns home to England where she has been gone for over 15 years. In comes the God Dagda looking for his daughter-in-law.

K: Do you work on one manuscript at a time or do you have several going at once?

SN: Oh several. Right now I’m working on four different ones.

K: Four different manuscripts? Are they novellas? Longer? Shorter?

SN: Two are shorter and two are longer.

K: Give us a quick overview of each one of these works in progress.

SN: Well I just told you of one. Another is called Amethyst Flames which I’m hoping will be out in January, but we’ll see. The other two are still in the works and I don’t really have names for them yet.

K: The other question I like to ask authors involves your writing must-have.  Most writers have a must-have of some sort in order to write. For some it’s music, for others like me it’s a cup of coffee. What’s your must-have when you sit down to work?

SN: I hate to say it, but I like to sit in my rocker recliner with a Diet Pepsi. If I get stuck or something, I rock or lay back till it comes to me. I know it makes me sound like an old lady, but it helps relax me, and with two teens in the house, I need it.

K: I bet you go through a lot of Diet Pepsi during your writing sessions.

SN: Yep, sure do if I can keep it away from the kids.

K: Where do you see yourself—or hope to see yourself—in your career this time next year?

SN: I would love to have a print book in my hand by this time next year. Just one so I can say I have it!

K: Okay, then out of all your published, soon-to-be-published books, and your works in progress, what one—lol, just one now—would you like to see become that print copy and why that particular one?

SN: Right now I guess I would love to see Naughty for Christmas in print. It’s funny, erotic and has a touch of sci-fi in it. This story has just grown on me I love it!

K: Thank you for being here, Selene, and sharing your time and information with my readers. Are you doing a contest for this interview?

SN: Well, I am running a big Christmas contest now. If any of your readers would like to sign up for my Happenings Newsletter they will be automatically entered. I must warn you, though, the newsletter is for adults and so is the contest. You never know what I might send you!

K: That’s great, Selene! Good luck with your work, and I wish you lots of sales with your new Breathless Press release. It’s a great publisher to be with!

On December 11th, make sure you stop in at All Romance eBooks or Breathless and grab your copy of Naughty for  Christmas. Also, you can pre-order your copy now by clicking this link! Trust me, you do not want to miss this one. Just be sure not to read it next to anything flamable!


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