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I want to write about sexy heroines whether they’re rubenesque, Twiggy wannabes or the average Jane. I want to write about sexy heroes who can be an average Joe or a Greek god. And I want to write whatever genre piques my interest that day and spin it full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and sex scenes that will make a nun’s habit detonate.

But I hate promotion.

I really do. If an author promotes too much, people think she is a promo queen (or worse), and if she does not promote enough, people think she’s unsociable on the groups. And then your publishers or editors start nagging her to promote more.

Like I just vented above, promotion is something I hate to do. I read group digests, but I really don’t have time to chat online much at all. I use Facebook and Twitter to get my announcements and links out there, but Myspace is a PITA. Email and my website contacts and comments are the easiest things for me to use to communicate with my readers.

And as for Yahoo Groups where it appears most writers hang out, who really reads all those digests? Yeah, I say read my digests, but I actually skim them for messages about publishing, blogs, and cover or review announcements. On top of that, it’s hard to find those particular announcements mixed in all the promos. And don’t even get me started on Hotmail or Google groups. Figuring those out is something I just don’t have time for.

I am a quiet sort of person. I write, I promote when I have something to promote, and every once in a while, I might pop up on a group to say something.

Maintaining my writing time, my family time, and all the other parts of daily life while trying to put my books and website out there is really tough.

What I want to do is just write my novels and novellas, submit them, high heel Pictures, Images and Photosand move on to the next manuscript. To be honest, I believe readers will buy what they want to buy anyway, so shoving a promo under their noses over and over is just going to irritate them. Reader X loves paranormal romance and romantic suspense, so after seeing a big, bright promo for polyamour romance go through all the groups, appear on more than one forum, and hit all the various comment sites like Twitter and Friendfeed, Reader X is going to cuss and start hitting the delete button whenever possible.

What I try to do is blog about interesting things and blend my writing in with the blog posts when it’s possible. Readers come to my site, and they investigate the pages. My blog stats show this. Then again, some authors feel posting blog links is promo too. Well, so be it. Chats and excerpt days might allow an author to post her work, but after a while, everyone sees the same excerpts go through, too, and grow bored with them.

What a conundrum!

So authors, how do you promote, manage your daily life, and your writing without seeming like you are standoff-ish or a promo queen? Any tips out there?


Two Great Reviews!

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I am so very stoked to announce that I received two great reviews this week. One for Margie’s Room by Two Lips Reviews and the other for Blue Moon from Night Owl Reviews.

What is wicked-cool is that Blue Moon got a Reviewer’s Top Pick award and Margie’s Room received a Recommended Read!

Hot damn!!!

Here are the links to the reviews, which are short, if you would like to read them.

Margie’s Room and Blue Moon.

Also, I have uploaded a new free e-book for everyone called Her Surprise. Go get your copy off the free ebooks page!

January’s In the Spotlight: Jade Twilight

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January 2010 Author In the Spotlight: Jade Twilight.

Well, we are now in a new year, and to kick off 2010, Jade Twilight will share her latest releases and some causes she supports.

K: Welcome author Jade Twilight to January’s author In the Spotlight! Thank you for being here, Jade. I hope you’re not in one of those areas getting more snow than anything else. I know we’ve had our fair share in the mountains.

JT: Oh, yeah we are. I live in Upstate New York so we get our fair share of snow this time of year. I don’t mind as long as I can snuggle up with a cup of tea and a warm fire and not have to go out in it. lol

K: One of the first things I noticed when I wandered around your website is that you’re a Shadow Forest Author. Would you care to elaborate on what that is?

JT: Shadow Forest Authors is a group that’s trying to get books and e-books out to people. Authors can donate a book or you can support an author by donating a book. It’s a great way to help get books into the hands of people who wouldn’t be able to get them otherwise.

K: Those who wouldn’t be able to get them otherwise? Do you mean people who don’t have net access or own computers?

JT: Not exactly there is a list of different charities you can donate to from children’s books to books for prisoners. Both print and electronic. Putting them where people who might otherwise not have any books can be able to read them.

K: I see you have a Literacy Site banner on your site. Is this a cause dear to your heart?

JT: Yes. I think authors should help promote reading and getting books into the hands of children.

K: So how does this organization do that?

JT: Basically you click the button and for every click the sponsors on the next page donate a certain amount of money that goes toward buying books for children in areas of the world that can’t afford them.

K: Your two most recent releases are Scarlet Myst and Sisters in Arms. Care to tell us about them?

JT: Scarlet Myst is about Erin, a stripper/assassin, who works for a company called the Scarlet Arms. She’s hired to kill a serial kidnapper, who’s been capturing the daughters of the upper class in the city. There’s an interesting twist at the end.

Sisters in Arms is the sequel to Mistress of Tiethla. Alex is now accompanied by Riley, another woman from her world. Together they have to stop the Mastive from regaining control.

K: Where did you come up with the title Scarlet Myst? Is it a theme in the book?

JT: Yes, it is a theme. Scarlet comes from the company the women who work for the Scarlet Arms, and then there’s the name of the main character.

K: I love the colors used in the Scarlet Myst cover, and Sisters in Arms is very pretty and promotes the beauty of a woman’s body.

JT: Thank you. I designed the cover for Scarlet Myst. Sisters in Arms was done by the very talented Renee Rocco. I really like the way they both turned out, and you’re right they do promote the beauty of a woman’s body.

K: As an author, do you feel a cover must be a certain way to help promote the book? And do you feel a poorly made cover can hurt a book’s sales?

JT: I think that a good cover can certainly help sales, but I also think that an author can overcome a bad cover with a good marketing plan. While the cover is a big part of what draws a reader in, I think a bigger part is the blurb and possibly the excerpt. If they can catch the reader’s attention then they can overcome a bad cover.

K: So what’s the Snow White theme about in Scarlet Myst?

JT: Since Erin is a stripper, at one part of the story she’s dress as Snow White for a client.

K: In Sister’s in Arms, Rayne is a dragon companion. Are these pets or mascots of some sort, or are they people in disguise?

JT: I guess they’re like pets, but more. Rayne actually played a bigger role in Mistress of Tiethla than he does in Sisters in Arms. In Mistress of Tiethla, Rayne was Alex’s constant companion, throughout most of the book. So I think companion or friend might be a better word for Rayne than pet, since he’s really with Alex by choice and stays with her because he wants to. 

K: Have you ever thought of writing a book based on these “companions”?

JT: No I haven’t.

K: Where do you see career by 2011?

JT: I have no idea. Currently I’m just playing it by ear, seeing where my muse takes me. <G>

K: In today’s publishing scene, some authors are quite content to stick with e-books. Some want to go farther such as writing movie scripts or even becoming an author with a huge publisher in the NYC hub. What is your dream goal as a writer, Jade?

JT: I’m happy where I am, I don’t see myself writing scripts or for a NYC house. I guess my dream is to just see one of my books in print. To be able to hold just one of my books in my hands, I’d have reached my dream as a writer.

K: Thanks for being here, Jade. Do you have any advice or tips you’d like to share with aspiring writers who might read this?

JT: Just keep at it, if you give up you’ll never get anywhere.

To learn more about Jade Twilight’s work, visit or click the book covers above to visit the titles’ purchase pages. 


November’s In the Spotlight with Shiela Stewart, go here.

December’s In the Spotlight with Selene Noreen, go here.

Latest Scoop!

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Typewriter Pictures, Images and Photos 


That is exactly what I have been doing.

I have an m/m romance novella to finish, and I am working on book two of my Alter-Human series. I’m still waiting on Siren-Bookstrand to give me a release date on that one. Siren did put my author page up, so readers can find my bio there amongst the authors. 

This weekend, Saturday the sixth, I have invited author Shiela Stewart (who was also my November 2009 author In the Spotlight) to join me for a chat. It’s all all-day event, and all authors who sign up at the newsletter group are free to promote their titles during designated time slots. For details, take a look at the chat poster here at Lighting the Fires of Passion.

Shiela is giving away some wonderful freebies such as coffee mugs and books, so be sure to stop in and chat with us. You might win a cool prize.

The winner of my Bloodlust contest is posted on my contest page. I want to thank everyone who entered. The winner even left a comment for me about how pretty the calendar is. Luis Royo is an amazing fantasy artist, so I think the calendar is wicked cool too.

Bloodlust has been doing extremely well. A big thank you goes out to all of you who have emailed and reviewed this title. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed yet, I have my m/m romance pages set up. Check the homepage and look on the sidebar for the Amber Redd pages.

We have slipped from January into February, so I’m crossing my fingers that the groundhogs won’t see their shadows! I’m sick of snow and cold! lol