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I want to write about sexy heroines whether they’re rubenesque, Twiggy wannabes or the average Jane. I want to write about sexy heroes who can be an average Joe or a Greek god. And I want to write whatever genre piques my interest that day and spin it full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and sex scenes that will make a nun’s habit detonate.

But I hate promotion.

I really do. If an author promotes too much, people think she is a promo queen (or worse), and if she does not promote enough, people think she’s unsociable on the groups. And then your publishers or editors start nagging her to promote more.

Like I just vented above, promotion is something I hate to do. I read group digests, but I really don’t have time to chat online much at all. I use Facebook and Twitter to get my announcements and links out there, but Myspace is a PITA. Email and my website contacts and comments are the easiest things for me to use to communicate with my readers.

And as for Yahoo Groups where it appears most writers hang out, who really reads all those digests? Yeah, I say read my digests, but I actually skim them for messages about publishing, blogs, and cover or review announcements. On top of that, it’s hard to find those particular announcements mixed in all the promos. And don’t even get me started on Hotmail or Google groups. Figuring those out is something I just don’t have time for.

I am a quiet sort of person. I write, I promote when I have something to promote, and every once in a while, I might pop up on a group to say something.

Maintaining my writing time, my family time, and all the other parts of daily life while trying to put my books and website out there is really tough.

What I want to do is just write my novels and novellas, submit them, high heel Pictures, Images and Photosand move on to the next manuscript. To be honest, I believe readers will buy what they want to buy anyway, so shoving a promo under their noses over and over is just going to irritate them. Reader X loves paranormal romance and romantic suspense, so after seeing a big, bright promo for polyamour romance go through all the groups, appear on more than one forum, and hit all the various comment sites like Twitter and Friendfeed, Reader X is going to cuss and start hitting the delete button whenever possible.

What I try to do is blog about interesting things and blend my writing in with the blog posts when it’s possible. Readers come to my site, and they investigate the pages. My blog stats show this. Then again, some authors feel posting blog links is promo too. Well, so be it. Chats and excerpt days might allow an author to post her work, but after a while, everyone sees the same excerpts go through, too, and grow bored with them.

What a conundrum!

So authors, how do you promote, manage your daily life, and your writing without seeming like you are standoff-ish or a promo queen? Any tips out there?


13 Responses to “PROMO SUCKS!”

  1. I don’t know. But when you find the magic formula, let me know. I could use lots of help in that area. 🙂 Food for thought, though, Kiraya.

  2. I am still looking for that formula. This promo thing bothers me, but what can an author really do about it? I hope others comment with their thoughts on this topic.

  3. OMG Kiyar, are we twins?? LOL

    I HATE promo. I can’t keep up with all the blogs and yahoo groups out there and I just don’t have the time to check every group out there. But if I want people to know me and my books I need to be present so I do my best to pop in here and there, chat for a bit then go back to my writing.

  4. I’m with you, girl!

  5. Chloe Waits Says:

    Kiyara I am laughing because I had just joined a loop, uh, promoing when I saw your blog!
    I am more of a newbie and this sucks my time away, but I feel I have to.

    Who has time to write though?
    I can’t keep up but I have to try, like Sheila said to do some to let people know I am out here…sigh.

    • kbhotromances Says:

      It is a comfort that other authors feel the same way, Chloe, and thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment too.

  6. HEY!




  7. Kiyara,
    You and I could be twins, ‘cept I already have one. *G* I’ve always been a writer and never dreamed I’d be published. When it happened, I honestly had no idea I was supposed to promote or how to go about it. I’ve been around for some time now and still struggle mightily with it. Your take on it really struck home. Promote too much and you’re spamming. Promote too little and you might as well not bother. Promote on the wrong day in the wrong place and get slapped. Shlump! I just want to write. That’s the dream, not all the rest of it.


    • kbhotromances Says:

      Hello to hotcha1 and Jude! I am so happy you both came in to visit and comment on this topic. It makes me feel so much better that I’m not alone on this. It is just like you say, Jude. I feel so weird when I have to promo, and I’m always afraid I will upset someone, but what do you do? Just the best you can, I guess.

  8. Kiyara,
    I am just about to start my initiation into the wonderful world of self promotions. I ‘ve found it to be fun ordering the obligatory promo items, but in all honesty I have never been very good at pimping myself. So I am not too terribly thrilled with the idea of talking about myself, my work yes, me….not so much.

    I completely can relate to this Kiyara. Thank you in letting those of us who hate this part of the job know that we are not alone 🙂


  9. I am so relieved to read these comments. As a debut author I have been religiously trawling my book around yahoo sites. I worry that it is overkill, but how else does one get one’s name across?
    I have now honed it down to a handful of sites, but it is still v time consuming. Yes, it eats into writing time and, yes, I worry about irritating people. But what else can you do?

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