Did I see them? Oh yeah!

sexy flowers Pictures, Images and PhotosWould you believe I noticed tiny daffodil and tulip sprouts peeking through the snow today? Well, if you live in a region that is warm all the time, you might not be able to understand my enthusiasm about this, but trust me, I had a honking-big smile on my face when I spotted them. We have had nothing but snow,  ice, strong winds, and icy roads all winter, so any sign of spring is wicked-cool to me!

I have been finishing some home projects lately, so my writing progress has been momentarily side tracked, but I am back on track again. The bookshelves in my house were almost screaming in agony, so I had to box up a few, rearrange a lot of them, and put a load of paperbacks into a box for a yard sale this summer. Another thing that needed straightened was my music library. My kids have a crappy habit of borrowing CDs then putting them in the wrong cases.

One thing I am still working on is going through my filing cabinets. They say a person must keep receipts and pertinent material for something like six years, but why is it that a person never seems to sort and clean this stuff except once every twenty years or so? LOLOL Anyway, this is an ongoing job, so it will take me a few more days to sort all the filing drawers.

But back to writing… I will turn in my latest revised manuscript to Siren-Bookstrand next week and begin a revision on my second manuscript contracted with them. The m/m novella is still underway, but with the home projects its progress was halted too. I feel this m/m novella will be one that m/m romance readers will really like. I work very hard to write material that is unusual or has an edge, even in romance.
tulips Pictures, Images and Photos
Another manuscript has been submitted, though. I submitted it to Breathless Press. Since Margie’s Room has shocked me with its sales, I decided to try BP with another erotica story, so I’ll keep my readers posted here on its status.

For now, I guess I will enjoy the signs of spring and use them to inspire my work. Seeing that warm weather and green plants and trees will soon be here helps lift the cloudy mindset of winter and makes me want to write until my fingers fall off! Here’s to Mother Nature waking up!


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