Sex and Rain

This week had brought me a contract and two new reviews. I also have a big interview in the AWH Magazine, which is due out any time now. What is funny about it is that one of my authors In the Spotlight, Shiela Stewart, is who interviewed me for the magazine. It was a fun afternoon of sitting with her as we drank coffee!

Margie’s Room has sold so well (find here too) that I wrote and submitted Strawberry Rendezvous, which I’m pleased to say will be available at Breathless Press and other distributors in the coming weeks.

A review for Bloodlust showed up in my inbox this morning from Whipped Cream Reviews. It’s a glowing review and I am very stoked about it.

If you want a story that will stick with you long after the final page, then read Bloodlust. You won’t regret it.”

The second one to arrive this week was for Blue Moon by Ramsey’s Reviews. Based on the reviewer’s reaction, I guess I am going to have to speed up the process of writing the first full book to Blue Moon so the reviewer can find out what happens to my witchy heroine, Anvahn.

“For a short story, Blue Moon is an intriguing prelude that will tease the reader, compelling them to want more of the story. I found myself frantic when I came to the end of this wee tale, not knowing what kind of adventure Anvahn will get herself into. Kiyara Benoiti has created an unusual world, enticing plot and promising character development. I would love to read more of Anvahn’s revengeful exploits and also observe how the characters flourish in the future. I recommend this short e-book to readers who love a great sexual tormenting.”

It is raining in the mountains today. Fog is filling the hollows and everything is dripping or running with rivelets of water. This will make for a nice evening of writing. Now to decide what to work on. Do I work on one of my novels or do I go with the paranormal cowboy m/m romance novella?

Maybe I’ll work on both! LOL

So, tell me. What do you like to do on rainy evenings? Ever notice how rain seems to inspire the desire to make love? Ever spend a long rainy spell doing the deed as you listen to the rain drum on the roof or fall across a tent?

Rain plays a big role in many romantic scenes, but if you really consider the idea, rain does this in real life too.

Besides sex, what’s your favorite pasttime when it rains?


One Response to “Sex and Rain”

  1. I like dancing naked in the rain, while screaming at the top of my lungs. Preferably in a meadow heavy with spring.

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