Reader likes? Dislikes?

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When I sent out a call to two different Yahoo groups about having open months for Author in the Spotlight on my site, I was surprised by the response. Now I have enough authors to plan interviews into 2011. lol

Do you read author interviews? I think people do. The stats on my website fascinate me. Over ninety-five percent of the hits are real hits and not spiders or spammers. With that said, my modest web home gets many hits. Since September of 2009, the hits have nearly reached 6,000. I have noticed, too, that when I post a new interview on my site, the visits double and sometimes triple.

Many of the authors I’ve interviewed so far have told me that my interview of them was the most enjoyable and unique one they have ever had. That makes me happy, because that is exactly what I want: unique, edgy, interesting, fascinating.

I have to admit that if I pop in on a webpage where an author is interviewed and it has the same basic questions I see over and over everywhere else online, the best I do is skim it and then click on the next link looking for something to read.

I want to know about my authors. What makes them tick? What urged them to leap from writing mainstream fiction to writing erotica, or why he or she cannot seem to concentrate without a cup of coffee. I ask questions about their pets, their likes and dislikes on various topics. If I can get some insight into an author’s psyche, then it helps me indentify with their work when I read their material. Maybe I’m just weird. lol

As a reader, what draws you to read an author interview? What about such interviews turns you off?


6 Responses to “Reader likes? Dislikes?”

  1. Fiona Vance Says:

    I’m always interested in the process. 🙂 Plotter? Pantser? early morning or two a.m…. and I love pictures of people’s “offices.”

    Fiona Vance 🙂

  2. lol I do too! It is cool to see if an author has a neat desk or a really messy desk and to see what sort of inspiration they have on their desk like figurines or something.

  3. Oh, good questions!

    As an author, I’ve been interviewed many times over the years and to be honest, the same old questions, ie: When did you decide to become an author, Describe your day, What made you submit that first manuscript have been done to death. I do understand how readers might want to know these things, but if an interviewer could possibly ask five of the old standards then get to some head-scratching interesting stuff I’d really love it.

    Thank you for asking!


  4. Wicked-cool response! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.

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