Set Backs, Sigh!

One of my contracted manuscripts, Lady of the Lair, is going a little slower than I want it to. A few weeks ago, I had to ask for an extended deadline on the revision, so the book will come out later than I would like, but when kids get sick, and then I have to take care of another family member who becomes ill and needs many trips to the doctor, it tends to take a lot of writing time out of my schedule.

kiss Pictures, Images and PhotosBut I did manage to finish the overall revision on the manuscript, so now all I have to do is add another chapter to the end to change the ending. I really hope to have it done this weekend. Lady of the Lair is unique, but if you buy it when it comes out, let me warn you that the ménage sex in it will make your e-reader detonate. Remember, I write ‘romance with an edge!’ lol

On the downside, the drama and illness in the family also creates the same dilemma with my other Siren-contracted manuscript, Of the Panther Persuasion. Baby steps! I will get it done, too, but it must be done through baby steps.

And yes, I’m still working on my m/m romance under my Amber Redd byline, not to mention the next book to Blue Moon. I’m hoping by summer’s end my writing schedule will be back on track.

Before I forget, check out my author interview in this magazine. It’s wicked-cool!

I’ve been working on some revisions today here and there, but one thing I have to do after I post this blog is clean up some books. One of my daughters ran through the office, tripped, and fell into a freestanding bookshelf, knocking half the books off of two of the shelves (she’s fine, thank goodness). Of course the books all fell behind the shelf, so I have to pull it out and clean them up, re-alphabetizing them.

Besides, it gives me a good excuse to sort through this shelf and put the ones I didn’t like or don’t need any more in a yard sale box. I plan on having a yard sale around Memorial Day Weekend—if I’m not running family members to more appointments, but with it being a holiday weekend, I figure most offices will close for it.

If you haven’t seen the post for Readers Likes? Dislikes, take a minute to visit and voice your opinion.

It’s time for me to go back to work!


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