Good News!

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So far, May has been beyond busy for me, but I did have something nice happen this week. I joined a Yahoo Group called the Publishing Trove and found out they have a Pitch Day there. On a whim, I pitched my paranormal cowboy m/m wip, and put a file in the group’s folder with all my info and made it clear that the manuscript isn’t finished.

To my delight, I’ve had a lot of interest in it, but today I had a really nice m/m publisher ask to see the story. What’s even more wicked-cool is this publisher is the one that I’ve been watching the last few weeks with hopes of submitting to them!

That email made for a fantastic way to end the workweek!

And if you’re a writer, here’s the link to the group. It seems like a nice place for help and information from a business slant.

I will polish up what I have so far of the story, add another chapter or two to it, then send it to the publisher.

Oh, and I have a release date for my erotica title, Strawberry Rendezvous. Look for it from on August 20th!


3 Responses to “Good News!”

  1. Hey, congrats! That’s great news! Best of luck to you 🙂

  2. I lurked at Publishing Trove on pitch day, Kiyara. As an editor with Passion In Print, I’m always on the lookout for manuscripts. Actually, the other editor at Passion In Print who reads submissions with me, Laura Garland, found a couple of manuscripts she was interested in and made a request. Hopefully, they will work out.

  3. kbhotromances Says:

    Thanks danicaavet!

    Hi Tess! Glad to see you stopping in for a visit. And that is so cool about Passion in Print too!

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