May2010 In the Limelight Author: Honoria Ravena

Welcome Honoria Ravena as May’s In the Spotlight Author!

K: Hello Honoria! Glad to have you in May’s In the Spotlight.

HR: Thanks for having me!

K: So, before we get into your writing life and your muse, I noticed a few things on your website that I find intriguing. How did your love for Korean food come about?

HR: My mother, my aunt, and grandma all like it. When I was old enough that they thought I would like it they started taking me. But unfortunately all the good Korean restaurants went out of business around here. The closest place I can get it is Dallas, and no one wants to drive there just to eat lunch.

K: You like to travel, huh? What place is your biggest dream to travel to and why?

HR: I’ve always wanted to go to England, and I’m really not sure why. I’ve wanted to since the fourth grade. I read a children’s book back then, Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor, England, 1544 (The Royal Diaries) by Kathryn Lasky, and have wanted to go there since. But I really want to go everywhere now. Mainly I want to see Europe and the Middle East (which I’ll probably never get to see) because I love history (especially ancient history) from those particular regions and have to go see all the cool old stuff.

K: I’ve always been fascinated with other countries, too, so I can understand your desire to travel.

Coffee is a love of yours. I have to say that my spouse and I would agree with you wholeheartedly. We’re big coffee drinkers too. What’s your brew type? And do you take it black, with cream, or…?

HR: Well, mostly I’m a Starbucks girl. I really like lattes. Mochas are just too sweet. But for everyday coffee I drink a Walmart brand, 100% Columbian. I drink it with heavy whipping cream and real sugar. Splenda is disgusting, and so are most other creamers I’ve tried. Even the flavored ones suck when compared to heavy whipping cream. And now I really, really want coffee. If only it wasn’t 11:30 at night.

K: LOL! I’m having some Columbian coffee right now!

You mention on your website bio that you have a cat named Salem. How did you come up with that name and why does Salem hate it when you try to write?

HR: One of my favorite TV shows when I was growing up was Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and there is a black, talking cat on there that is named Salem. He’s a warlock under a curse. I was like eight and still really into the show when we got him, and he’s solid black, so there you go.

I’m not sure why he hates it when I write. Probably because all my attention is not focused on him. Either that or because he can just feel me concentrating, and wants to be annoying. But he’ll meow and meow. I’ll let him out of my room, and then he’ll meow to come back in. Very annoying.

K: So your favorite genre to write is paranormal romance? How long have you been writing and when did you settle on this genre as your main focus?

HR: I’ve been writing since I was in 6th or 7th grade, so it’s about eight years. I’ve always loved paranormal. I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t looking up witches and vampires and goddess knows what else online. I guess it’s only natural that I fell right into paranormal as a writer. The paranormal young adult books I read never seemed to end with the main characters in a relationship, which is what I wanted. Even the one that inspired me to write has a happy for now ending, or rather “some day we’ll get back together and be happy” ending, which is even worse. And then I got older and was like “Hey, sex in books. I like these.”

K: So is there any other genre you might dip your toe in?

HB: Mainly I have ideas for sub-genres of romance. Fantasy, sci-fi, historical, contemporary and even a western or two. I have a few straight horror ideas, and one thriller. I even want to do one non-fiction book on home schooling. But I’ll save that for when I actually have kids. I don’t think two months of home schooling my aunt’s kids qualifies me as an expert. LOL, so if I ever get sick of writing paranormal I’ve got plenty of other ideas.

K: You have three works in progress on your site. Share with my readers what they are and a short summary of what each one is about.

HR: *Whistles and heads to her website to see what’s up there* Ah, okay. I’ve started a few new ones since this (must update WIP section). Bad Animals is a werewolf novel. A werewolf kidnaps a woman who’s a shapeshifter noble. For those of you that don’t know my world, to put it briefly wereanimals and shapeshifters are at war because shapeshifters are born with the ability to change shape, and wereanimals are infected with the ability, making them tainted in the eyes of the shapeshifters. I’ve had to put this story way on the back burner, because absolutely everything is wrong with it. I can’t even come up with a name for my heroine. I skipped writing every sex scene, because there’s just no chemistry between these people. But some day I will go back.

The m/f/m story I was writing got put on hold. I was writing it to submit to Breathless Press, but I wanted it to be short. However it would have been novella length, and I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it and a novel. I write very slowly, and can’t really concentrate on more than one work unless one is short and one is long.

Archer’s Story has been put on hold for issues I can’t discuss. It’s the kind of thing you rant about to friends.

Needless to say I’m starting to feel like I’ll never finish anything long ever again. But I plan to start a new project when school ends that will feature more of my shapeshifters and wereanimals. It should be chock full of kidnapping, betrayal, amnesia, and scary, evil bad guys.

I also finished a (very) short f/f contemporary story, Strapless, that will be out from Breathless Press some time around August. I finished that in like a day (and I’m not that good, it was just that short). And I’m in the middle of writing a short m/f contemporary. It will be my FIRST story ever written in third person, so I’m praying it doesn’t suck.

K: The shapeshifter and wereanimal manuscript sounds wicked-cool. And what a wild and very provocative title for the f/f story!

Where does your interest in shifters and weres stem from?

HR: I’ve always liked paranormal and figured I’d write weres eventually, but vampires were really my thing. However, I really like the world I’ve invented for my shifters and weres and I really enjoy playing in it. LOL, a lot of people who have read Biohazard are worried that it’s the only book I plan to write in the world of the shifters/were. I’m flattered that they’re worried, but they really shouldn’t worry. I’m a series girl, and in love with my shifters now.

K: While on your website, I read an excerpt of Biohazard, which I found fascinating. Any reason you chose to write it in first person because I noticed your other titles, Fear of Darkness and Of the Night are in first person too.

HR: I’ve always written in first person. For a while I even had a story I wrote in 5th grade that was in first person. It just feels natural. I think third person is harder. I’m worried that it will allow me to head hop, and I don’t really feel in touch with the characters in third person. But, I figured I’d better practice, because I want to do at least one of my fantasy stories in third person.

K: Well, Honoria, it’s been cool having you on my site for the month of May. Good luck with your writing and may you see many sales!

For more information about Honoria and her published titles. Visit the links below.

Buy Biohazard here: CLICK and read an excerpt from Fear of Darkness: CLICK

Her website:

Her blog:


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