June 2010 Limelight author Lisa Alexander-Griffin

June is here! Can you believe it? We’re halfway through 2010!

Welcome Lisa Alexander-Griffin as June’s Author In the Limelight !

K: Tell us about yourself and your work, Lisa. What do you write? Are you writer first and mom and wife second or vice versa?

LAG: I live in rural North Alabama with my husband of thirty-four years and a twelve-year-old daughter.  I also have two older children who are no longer at home. As much as I’d like to say that my writing comes first, family does. I’m a stay-at-home mom with lots of responsibilities. Add to that, three grandchildren who keep me hopping, and I struggle for writing time. So far I’ve only delved into contemporary romance and a touch of fantasy.

K: What works do you have published?

LAG: Shattered Illusions, a standalone title in the Reunited Series is my newest, and it comes out in May from Pink Petal Books. Other works include: One Touch, One Glance, A Sweet Romance Anthology, and A Celtic Lover’s Magic. Both can be found at freyasbower.com

K: What was the inspiration Behind A Celtic Lover’s Magic?

LAG: I’ve always been interested in Ireland and Celtic Lore. My editor at the time ask me to write a story based on fairies, so I plunged myself into research, stumbled upon information about Tuatha de Dannan and the evil Fomhoire, and A Celtic Lover’s Magic was born. Not quite fairies, but a wonderful story all the same.

Here’s the blurb:

Liam Macauley inherits what he believes to be a mansion in Ireland from an uncle he’s never known. The moment he sets foot on Irish soil, nothing is as it seems.

Caileaan, descendent of the Sidhe, ancient gods of Eire, the Tuatha De Danann, longs to dig her toes into freshly turned earth, toil side by side with a husband, birth his children, know what it is to be loved and to live as one with humans.  In a battle of darkness and light, will the evil Fomhoire destroy the promise made to Caileaan and thwart Liam’s chance to gain his heart’s desire?


K: Was the research difficult or was it something that came to you easily?

LAG: All research is hard for me, but it helps to like history, and I do. LOL. I’ll read a passage that sparks my imagination, then pieces of the story form in my mind. There are times when I search for specific information that no matter where I look I can’t find it. Time consuming and aggravating, but when the story comes together, it’s worth the headache.

K: What is your anthology story about? Was it difficult or easy to write?

LAG: My story in the anthology is titled The Unexpected Gift, and no, it wasn’t difficult to write. It was one of those stories that flowed effortlessly from my fingertips.

Here’s the blurb:

Elise, a widowed mother, finds attraction in the most unbelievable of forms—a toy store Santa with twinkling blue eyes.

Cade, drawn to mother and child, wars with inner demons from his past. Is his instant and emotional attachment due to the loss of his wife and child?

Both grieve extraordinary past losses. Will a Christmastime miracle heal Elise and Cade’s wounded souls, allowing them a second chance at love?


K: If you had to give up writing or your favorite food, which would you give up?

LAG: Definitely food. I couldn’t live without writing, and missing a meal won’t kill me. LOL.

K: What would you describe as your perfect writing session?

LAG: Three hours of quiet time when the words just flow from my fingertips, a steaming cup of coffee, and no interruptions. But that rarely happens. J

K: Do you have any writing dreams?

LAG: I think any one of us would like to hit the NYTBS list. Although I’d love to make a living at it, I’d write regardless of whether I made money or not. My dreams are simple: to see a book or two in print, know I’ve brought enjoyment to readers and touched them in some way.

K: Any manuscripts in progress right now? If so, can you tell my readers a little about it/them?

LAG: I just landed a contract with Juniper Gardens Press through a contest at Avoid Writers Hell for the Reunited Series. Shattered Illusion has a tentative release date of May. Then there’s Perigee Moon, a Native American Historical, and my first try at this genre, but it’s nowhere near completion yet. And last, but far from least, Danielle’s Touch is in the self-editing stages and the story of my heart, which deals with domestic violence issues, learning to trust and love again after being betrayed in the cruelest of ways. I hope to have it polished and ready to send out in a couple weeks. Wish me luck!

K: What made you choose Native American History as a basis for a manuscript? That’s a lot of research, isn’t it?

LAG: I’ve always read Native American Historical, partially due to Cherokee heritage on both my mother and father’s sides of the family. Cassie Edwards is/was my favorite N.A. author, and I can lose myself to the magic between the pages. Research is hard, and time consuming, but so worthwhile when the story comes together.

K: Describe a typical day in the life of author Lisa Alexander-Griffin.

LAG: Oh my! I’m just a typical mom.  My day starts with a cup of coffee and getting my daughter off to school. I check email, then work on whatever manuscript I have going for three or four hours, then do some housework, like all mothers and wives do. By then, it’s time to pick my daughter up from the bus stop. The rest of the evening is spent cooking dinner and helping with homework. After Morgan is tucked into bed I try to write a little more.  Of course, that’s a typical day, but I have three grandchildren that come to visit regularly and my schedule gets thrown off quite often. Then, there are always errands to run. In summer I have less time to write because we plant a large garden. Hard work, but for me, gardening is a form of therapy. I look forward digging in the soil, planting seeds and watching the veggies grow.  J

K: If you could go anywhere in the world to research something for your writing, where would it be and why?

LAG: Egypt. The pyramids, seemingly shrouded in mystery, hold a fascination that I can’t explain. I would love to explore one.

K: I bet you enjoy programs on satellite like the Discovery and History Channels air. I’ve seen a lot of really juicy history on those channels. Ever watch them and use them for your research?

LAG: I’m working on a Native American Historical, Perigee Moon. Any time I find programs on the subject I’m glued to the TV. J Egypt and the pyramids as I said before, draw me as well.

K: Do you find that you write more in the warm months and less in the cold months or vice versa? Or does it matter since you live in Alabama? I’ve never been that far south in the States, so I’m kind of curious, lol.

LAG: I guess you could say I write more in the winter months as I hate the cold and tend to hibernate in winter. I joke that southerners have thin blood. Lol. In summer, I’m outside enjoying the sunshine, gardening or fishing whenever we have time. The weather is too gorgeous to be cooped up inside.

K: Are your kids aware that you write romance, and do they support your work?

LAG: My kids support whatever I do, although I’m just not sure they take my work seriously. And yes, they know I write romance. Shannon reads my stories, and seems to enjoy them. Dusty rolls his eyes thinking they’re too mushy, and Morgan is too young yet to read romance.  But she thinks it’s cool that her mother is an author.

K: What would be the one thing that has helped you the most in your writing?

LAG: Joining Avoid Writers Hell, an interactive group owned by Faith Bicknell-Brown. I’ve learned more there in the past two years than I did in any other online group in the previous six. Mini lessons are sent through, seasoned authors are there to help or answer questions. The camaraderie is phenomenal.

K: Now for the flip side of the question. What would you say hinders you the most?

LAG: Ha-ha…you would ask that question. J Daily chores, and raising a family. Trying to be a good mother. Running errands for my husband and children. Finding enough quiet time for my stories to percolate and take form.

K: Ms. Alexander-Griffin is a very talented author. If you want a great book to read, grab a copy of Shattered Illusions. I have placed the blurb and link below.

Shattered Illusions

After a ten year stint in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, a changed Cage Sinclair returns to his hometown. Hell-bent on clearing his name, he trusts no one—especially the woman now living in his deceased father’s house who loved and betrayed him all in the same breath.

Caught off guard by the man’s sudden appearance, and intent on protecting her son, Morgan O’Riley levels a shotgun on the amber-eyed stranger’s impressive chest. But with the revelation of Cage’s identity, caution shifts to desire, and on its heels, gut-wrenching trepidation.

Blackmail is an ugly word, and although Morgan still yearns for the love of her life to return, her own fear helped railroad him into prison. She has kept her silence to protect someone near and dear to her heart, but now that Cage is back, can he forgive her weakness as a frightened young woman or understand the reason behind her actions once a secret she’s carried for years is unearthed?

Inconceivable danger lurks in the shadows, but behind closed doors, embers ignite and old passions flame.

Amidst betrayal, deceit and shattered illusions, will the truth tear them apart or bind them together forever?


Visit Lisa’s website


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  1. Great interview, Lisa. I can’t wait till Daniel’s Touch comes out.


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