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July 2010 Limelight Author Rick Reed

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July 2010 brings hot summer days, lounging by the poolside, and mowing grass.

July also brings us horror author, Rick R. Reed, as the Author In the Limelight !

KB: I first encountered Rick and his work through my journeys through MySpace. Rick is very prolific, and as I became more aware of the Yahoo Groups and who was on them, I began spotting Rick’s name here and there on the groups too. So, it turns out that when I put a call out for authors looking to be interviewed, Rick was one of the first to contact me. It’s nice to have you here in the limelight for July, Rick. Welcome to my site!

RR: Thanks, KB. It’s a pleasure to be here in the limelight, which is where I’ve always longed to be (well, there and Steubenville, Ohio).

KB: What urged you to begin writing, Rick?

RR: My mother used to beat me with a stick, screaming, “Write, damn you, write!” and I have never forgotten her kindness and inspiration. But seriously, I have written practically from the time I could write, at about age 6. I have always loved stories and so it was a logical step for me—even as a child—to begin making them up myself.

KB: I’m a fan of horror movies and books, so I’m wondering why you chose horror as your main genre to write.

RR: Bless your little heart. I wish my partner loved horror, too. I didn’tchoose horror; it chose me. I have always had a fascination with things that go bump in the night and the psychology of terror—what really scares us.

KB: Cool! I adore delving into the psyche. What exactly is it about things that go bump in the night that intrigues you? The rush of adrenaline as an unusual sound rings out in the house? The basis of legends?

RR: I think I have a fascination with fear itself. It’s a powerful, and protective, emotion, and is the basis for many decisions we make (whether that’s good or bad, I can’t say). So I would say that rush of adrenaline comment you made makes sense.

KB: So how many books do you have published and which one of those is your all-time favorite and why?

RR: I hate that question! Would you ask a woman how many children she’s had and then ask “which child is your all-time favorite and why?” You might, but I kind of doubt it. It’s the same kind of thing. I love all my books (14 in print, so far…or something like that, I’m starting to lose count). I’m usually most psyched about the most recently-released ones. I do admit to having a soft spot for my psychic thriller, DEADLY VISION, because its core theme is about the bond between mother and child.

KB: LOL, I get what you mean. It’s true. Authors feel like their books are their children.

So I’m guessing you have some of your childhood elements loosely woven into the story?

RR: Yes. The book is set in a fictional small Ohio River town which is remarkably similar to the one in which I grew up. And the mother is Italian-American, just as my mother was.

KB: What would you say is a typical day in your writing schedule? Do you have a special block of time each day that’s devoted to your next work in progress or revisions?

RR: I am a morning person, so writing is one of the first things I do in the day. It’s when I’m at my best and when the creative juices are flowing the most freely (no comments, please, from the peanut gallery about other juices; thank you). I write most mornings for a couple of hours. I usually can’t do more than that. The rest of the time I spend editing, revising, planning, and promoting.

KB: So what is your latest release or the one to be released in the near future? Can you tell us a little about it?

RR: Just coming out now is A DEMON INSIDE. It’s available at the MLR Press website in ebook and the paperback edition should follow soon at Amazon, etc. It’s my haunted/possessed house story (with a touch of gay romance). According to the back cover: Hunter Beaumont doesn’t understand his grandmother’s deathbed wish: “Destroy Beaumont House.” He’d never even heard of the place. But after his grandmother passes and his first love betrays him, the family house in the Wisconsin woods looks like a tempting refuge. Going against his grandmother’s wishes, Hunter flees to Beaumont House. But will the house be the sanctuary he had hoped for? Soon after moving in, Hunter realizes he may not be alone. And who—or what—he shares the house may plunge him into a nightmare from which he may never escape. Sparks fly when he meets his handsome neighbor, a caretaker for the estate next door, but is the man his salvation…or is he the source of Hunter’s terror?

KB: Cool! Love that twist at the end of the blurb!

RR: Thanks. It’s a big part of the mystery in the book.

KB: Which one of your books was the most difficult to write?

RR: Probably BASHED, a ghost story about a hate crime in which a gay couple is beaten by fag bashers and only one of them survive. It hits really close to real-world violence that happens far too often.

KB: I discovered that you also have a blog Are you like many authors who seem to have a tough time keeping several sites updated, or are you one of the lucky ones who have someone who does this for you?

RR: I have a file called “Feeding the Blog” where I store ideas and correspondence for my blog. I say “feeding” because blogs are insatiable beasts and it’s very hard to keep up with fresh material that people want to read. And no, I don’t have an assistant who does it for me. It’s all me. It can be a lot of fun, though, and I really enjoy the immediate response one can get from posting a blog.

KB: That’s an answer I totally understand! And when you have a computer crash like I recently had and you get behind on blogging, it seems like you have to shake up all your regular readers and remind them you’re back to blogging.

RR: In our brave new Internet, Twitter, Facebook world, there is information overload almost constantly and it’s true—disappear for a while and people forget you.

KB: Lily is your dog. I have to say the pics of her are adorable. Is she a companion during your writing sessions?

RR: She is. She has her own couch in my office that is up against a window. She spends her time keeping watch outside or sleeping while I work. I have tried to teach her how to read, edit, and be amenable to bouncing ideas off her, but so far, no luck.

KB: Authors’ pets always fascinate me. I have some cats I saved from the animal shelter, and they often think that it’s more important to pay attention to them than it is to write. Does Lily ever have that attitude?

RR: Yes, the world revolves around Lily. She wouldn’t have it any other way. Neither would I.

KB: So what genre have you always wanted to try writing, but just never seem to have the confidence? For example, I’ve always enjoyed fantasy romance, but I’m always worried I’ll fail at creating a believable world where all the characters and emotions mesh.

RR: I’ve long wanted to write a multi-character, apocalyptic novel where the whole world is thrown into chaos, but the task itself is very daunting.

KB: My spouse and family members won’t read anything of mine until it comes out in print or e-book. Does your partner read your material before it’s published?

RR: No one reads anything of mine until it is as finished and polished as possible. My partner does not read my work in progress. Like yours, he reads stuff only after it comes out…and, bless his heart, usually finds an error or two.

KB: In this world of crossover genres and bombarding the reader (or viewer) with countless ads of ‘buy this,’ what do you feel sets a book apart from the rest? What makes a reader, regardless of his or her preferences, sit up and take notice?

RR: If I knew the answer to that, I’d be a rich man. I think you have to make a connection with a reader—and that connection is just like in real life. You have to be able to have something in common in order for it to work. So if my personal viewpoint on what I’m writing about “clicks” with a reader, then we are good to go). You can’t force the connection either.

KB: For the past year or so, I’ve been noticing more and more horror movies hitting the big screen and many are crossover genres such as Pandorum where horror and sci-fi are mixed.  Do you think horror is on its way back as a top genre in books and movies?

RR: Again, that’s difficult to answer because popular trends are as hard to predict as winning lottery numbers. I do think that series like Twilight, and the True Blood HBO series and Charlaine Harris’ wonderful books have helped move horror back to the forefront, but it will always be behind romance and mystery, I think.

KB: Yes, I think you’re right. So what is your ultimate goal in your writing career? Mind sharing it with us?

RR: To write stories people want to read.

KB: Any advice for the aspiring writers out there, Rick?

RR: Read A LOT. Write A LOT.

KB: This has been an intriguing interview. You’re the first horror author I’ve had in the Limelight, and since I adore a good scare, whether in a book or a movie, I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you. I hope you’ll consider coming back sometime.

RR: I would come back whenever you’ll have me. Thank YOU!

KB: Thanks for being here! To read more about Rick’s work, please click on over to his site and take a look around, read some of his excerpts, and maybe buy a couple of books! Everyone should enjoy a good horror tale from time to time.


An Inside Peek!

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Get your sneak peek inside the pages of Lady of the Lair, an m/f/m, m/m paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy romance!

Chapter Four

The Escape

As Dillon followed Isis to her friend’s abode, he fretted about Rory’s situation. Where was he, and how were they going to find him?

caverns Pictures, Images and Photos

In a matter of hours, Dillon had been thrust into a new life, but now, it seemed like a century since he’d first entered the caverns with Isis. He had to find Rory. It didn’t make sense to him, but a poignant ache assailed his heart at the idea that Rory was in pain or afraid. If something happened to Rory, God forbid, would Isis be able to handle it? The thought sent yet another piercing pain into his heart. He couldn’t allow himself to think such thoughts.

However he still had to be logical about the situation and he needed to be prepared. If Isis wasn’t pregnant yet, and Rory was killed by Sareenah or tossed to the Lava Demon, which was a concept Dillon had trouble dealing with, then Isis would never have the child she desired so much. Without an heir to take the rightful place as Lady of the Lair, what would happen to Isis and the Community?

If Sareenah succeeded with her devious scheme, none of it would matter anyway. Frustration settled over him.

“Isis,” he said softly. “If a female leader of the caverns is called the Lady of the Lair. What’s a male leader called?”

“Master,” she replied over her shoulder. “He is the Master of the Lair. Why?”

They traveled along a narrow, cobbled path that wound its way up into the higher regions of the Community.

“I was thinking about Rory.” He paused as a lantern bug buzzed between them. “If you only have a few cycles left, and something has happened to Rory, finding another genetic match as a mate might be impossible. That will mean your aunt wins.”

“True.” She motioned to another trail that led to a lone home nestled against the dome of the cavern. “But right now, I can’t think about such things.”

“There’s one thing I have trouble believing.”

“What is it?”

“The Lava Demon,” he replied. “What the hell’s a Lava Demon and how can something like that exist? Surely it’s a fable or legend used to keep Alter-Humans in line.”

She shook her head, the curls of her dark mane bouncing around her shoulders. “I’ve never seen the demon, but each Lady or Master swears it exists. The Lava Demon is supposed to be composed of hot liquid rock and have coal-black eyes that smoke and flame.”

Just as he thought. No one had ever seen it, so the Lava Demon must be a tall tale.

“When was the last time someone was thrown to the demon?” he asked.

“When my aunt first took the throne, an Alter-Female insulted her, so the Lady sent her to the demon’s pit.”

“Did you see this happen?”

“No,” she answered, “but I did see the execution ceremony before the guards escorted the woman into the tunnel that leads to the demon’s lava pit.” She looked over her shoulder at him. “It might not be real, but right now I don’t want to take the chance it does exist and land in its lava den.”

He quirked his eyebrows. She did have a good point. Dillon never would have believed people like Alter-Humans existed with their extraordinary abilities either, but now he was one of them.

“Besides,” Isis said, “I won’t let myself believe anything bad has happened to our mate, and I have to keep telling myself my aunt’s devious plans will fail.”

At the words our mate, something clicked in Dillon’s mind. He focused on Isis’s ass swaying along the path, his brain whirring a thousand miles per hour.

She’s right. Rory is my mate and I care about him. I truly want to be with him just like I do Isis.

An overwhelming sensation descended upon his heart, and he almost wept from the euphoria it created. Rory was a part of him now just like Isis was.

WANT MORE? For adult excerpts and more information, go here.

We’re all promo whores

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I have blogged before about how much I detest promoting my work. This time, though, I’m blogging about how much I still hate promoting and how some out there on the loops bash authors for not having time to hang out with the other authors and the readers. As a result, many of us are labeled as promo whores.

Most of my online correspondence is via facebook and my website, but even when it’s my website, it’s difficult to blog about something interesting on a regular basis. I detest promotion work, and then when I post on groups and even take the time to comment on some threads, I still stumble across posts where authors grumble about their peers who they feel are promo whores.

Publishing is a business.

I try to rub elbows with other authors, but most of the time it’s on my publishers’ loops, and even then, it’s a rare occurrence for me to to be on a loop because I just don’t have the time to sit at the pc constantly typing something thoughtful and hitting ‘send’ so that I’m considered a regular poster. I have to write to submit material, I have to submit to score contracts, and then once the title is published, I must promote that work. Every writer is forced to do this whether he’s with a big print publisher, a big e-publisher, or one of the smaller ones. Then if an author writes under more than one pen name, the work doubles or triples for that author.

Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace are easier to use than the loops are, especially when Yahoo has fits all the time. I enjoy talking with other authors, but they’re doing the same thing as I am, so why spend a lot of time on the loops? How many writers are on them compared to readers? Sure writers read, but they write more and have less time to read. As a result, they promote like crazy, too, so I feel like I am mostly promoting my work to other authors.

Building a blog is a good, firm tool for an author to use. I promote my blog posts and I try to blog about interesting things that get discussions going in the comments section as well as incorporating some sort of link or mentioning one or more of my titles. After all, I am a businesswoman. My business is writing books, and in order to sell those books, I must promote them.

Authors imagine, they write, they sell the work, and then they promote while they write the next story.

But blogging is tough to do too. What to blog about? When to blog? How often to blog? Will readers respond to this blog message better or that one better? Is my blog topic something that will urge the net surfer to click on it? Is it too sexy a topic? Too mundane? And how often should I post the link to gain interest?

So, if I’m a promo whore, that’s fine  so just give me a minute to slip on my crimson corset. lol

Those red corsets are a necessity in this business of publishing. If someone stops and chats with me on my website, I’ll talk their ear off because I pay close attention to my site—it has nearly 7,000 hits and hasn’t been online a full year yet. I take my career very seriously, so since I’m an author, I have to promote my work. If myself or other writers chat online all the time, when will we have time to finish our manuscripts let alone anything else? If you’re in some sort of business that sells a product, whether books, makeup, clothing, or whatever, aren’t we all promo whores to some degree?

Are you an author who struggles to promote, write, work a day job and manage a family? How do you promote and rub elbows online? Share your tips and thoughts!

Menage & m/m romance

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I belong to several Yahoo groups, and lately two of them have discussed the allure of ménage romance. The discussions made me consider the attraction of these categories too. What is it about these particular romances that captivates readers? What is it about ménage romance that makes the genre a big seller?

Is it the taboo? If you think about it or listen to live discussions, most seem to believe that more than one person involved in sexual intercourse is taboo (but there are polyamourous romance books too). Yes, there are many who don’t feel that way, but there seem to be even more who do feel ménage sex is wrong let alone a ménage romance.

As a reader, which do you prefer? Two guys and a woman or two women and one guy?

I blogged several months ago about m/m romance fiction. What is the draw? It seems that mostly women read m/m romance. Is it truly women for the most part who read m/m romance? Does the same apply to ménage romance too?

Seriously, what is the appeal of these categories? I’m intensely curious and would love to hear your thoughts.

Is it the fantasy of these encounters? A woman thinking of what it would feel like for two men to make love to her at the same time? The same goes for the men. Do you like the idea of two women paying special attention to you ?

Lady of the Lair is ménage romance with a subtle m/m slant (although it involves something unique as well as a subterranean world) and it also has an m/m romance scene toward the end of the book. I like the fantasy aspect of ménage romance.

So, ménage romance readers, what draws you to the genre? And what about m/m romance? Why is it that it’s mostly women who read it?


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Sexy  Couples Pictures, Images and Photos
It is a bright, sunny Sunday morning. Today, I have decided to post a brief ADULT excerpt from my latest release.


Enjoy the excerpt! Proceed with caution!

ADULT EXCERPT – Lady of the Lair – Menage – m/f/m, m/m – Sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy, erotic romance.

Intoxicated with lust, he relaxed into the cushions. He gazedaround the room, his attention landing briefly on Rory, who stood naked in the shadows, his enormous cock standing at attention, one of his long-fingered hands slowly stroking it back and forth.

“Be one with Rory and me, Dillon,” Isis coaxed as her mouthfound the root of his member. “Let us show you what ménage amouris really like, let us teach you about a new, special kind of love.”

Her words thrilled Dillon. He gasped, threaded his fingers into her hair, and instinctively pushed her head down to take more of him into her mouth. She paused and withdrew from him. Tugging the elastic from her ponytail, she allowed the riot of mahogany curls to fall around her shoulders. Isis leaned forward again, her hair caressing and tickling his belly, his hips. Theslighttouch of her silky locks served to push him toward the precipice that promised sweet release. He sighed, his eyes closing of their own accord until her mouth slidover his cock again.

The sound that burst from Dillon imitated something wild, primeval. “Damn, woman! I can’t last much longer!”

“Oh, but you will,” she said once she released him, the tip of his dick popping from her mouth like a lollipop, the sound loud and hollow. “But when you do come, it will be like nothing you have ever experienced before.” She laughed and latched on to his cock again.

For more information or to purchase, go here. A sextreme excerpt is posted on the page.

Damn! Fantastic! 1st One!

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The first review for Lady of the Lair is in! I was sipping my coffee as I was reading it and inhaled sharply. Not a good idea. Now I have coffee in my sinuses. lol

Check out the review. This one will be printed and put in my scrap book.

To read entire review here’s the review Link:


4 TEACUPS: “Lady of the Lair was an exciting story that drew me in almost right from the beginning. While I was reading Lady of the Lair, I was intrigued, excited and on edge. I could understand the emotions that were being shared between Isis, Rory and Dillon. The love they share for each other and the fear they all feel when life takes a surprising turn, causing them the need to flee their home. The love scenes in this story are amazingly up to the task of getting the reader in the frame of mind to go off and have some fun themselves. I hope to God that there is a sequel to Lady of the Lair because I am waiting on the edge of my seat to see what happens with Rory, Isis and Dillon.” Happily Ever After Reviews

Enter the Contest!

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On Monday, July 5 I’ll be at Authors Sponsoring Authors and at the end of the week on July 9, I’ll give away a $10 amazon cert to one winner. Just leave a legitimate comment on the blog to enter, BUT if you can answer a question from my book Lady of the Lair that will be posted on the blog and email it to me, you’ll get two extra entries!

Here is the blog link:

And here is information about my latest release. BUY LINK: Excerpts posted on the page. One tame, one sextreme hot.

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, withM/M]

Mating with an Alter-Female is incredible, but Dillon discovers Isis is next in line to rule the Community, and to do so, she needs a second mate and an heir.

When he discovers Rory is her other genetic mate, he’s already changing into an Alter-Male and there’s no returning Topside until he assimilates. Only there’s one problem: Sareenah, the Lady of the Lair and Isis’ aunt, has determined Dillon is also her second mate. Sareenah imprisons Rory and gives Isis to Fanes, who doesn’t care how he gets Isis back as long as he keeps her.

Dillon must appease Sareenah, or watch Isis suffer. When Rory is blamed for murder, Dillon saves Isis, and together, they must find Rory and prove his innocence, but at what price? Will the threesome love one another again or be thwarted and face Ore, the lava demon?