Damn! Fantastic! 1st One!

The first review for Lady of the Lair is in! I was sipping my coffee as I was reading it and inhaled sharply. Not a good idea. Now I have coffee in my sinuses. lol

Check out the review. This one will be printed and put in my scrap book.

To read entire review here’s the review Link: http://bit.ly/9z5gI9


4 TEACUPS: “Lady of the Lair was an exciting story that drew me in almost right from the beginning. While I was reading Lady of the Lair, I was intrigued, excited and on edge. I could understand the emotions that were being shared between Isis, Rory and Dillon. The love they share for each other and the fear they all feel when life takes a surprising turn, causing them the need to flee their home. The love scenes in this story are amazingly up to the task of getting the reader in the frame of mind to go off and have some fun themselves. I hope to God that there is a sequel to Lady of the Lair because I am waiting on the edge of my seat to see what happens with Rory, Isis and Dillon.” Happily Ever After Reviews


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