Menage & m/m romance

I belong to several Yahoo groups, and lately two of them have discussed the allure of ménage romance. The discussions made me consider the attraction of these categories too. What is it about these particular romances that captivates readers? What is it about ménage romance that makes the genre a big seller?

Is it the taboo? If you think about it or listen to live discussions, most seem to believe that more than one person involved in sexual intercourse is taboo (but there are polyamourous romance books too). Yes, there are many who don’t feel that way, but there seem to be even more who do feel ménage sex is wrong let alone a ménage romance.

As a reader, which do you prefer? Two guys and a woman or two women and one guy?

I blogged several months ago about m/m romance fiction. What is the draw? It seems that mostly women read m/m romance. Is it truly women for the most part who read m/m romance? Does the same apply to ménage romance too?

Seriously, what is the appeal of these categories? I’m intensely curious and would love to hear your thoughts.

Is it the fantasy of these encounters? A woman thinking of what it would feel like for two men to make love to her at the same time? The same goes for the men. Do you like the idea of two women paying special attention to you ?

Lady of the Lair is ménage romance with a subtle m/m slant (although it involves something unique as well as a subterranean world) and it also has an m/m romance scene toward the end of the book. I like the fantasy aspect of ménage romance.

So, ménage romance readers, what draws you to the genre? And what about m/m romance? Why is it that it’s mostly women who read it?


2 Responses to “Menage & m/m romance”

  1. I started reading Yaoi, which is m/m romance in Japanese manga, years ago and found there is a HUGE female following with that as well. For a reader, personally, I like the draw of finding love no matter what gender, and I really like the stories where one character is conflicted and finally comes to understand who he is through the love he finds. I like manage because it’s heavenly reading about two fabulously gorgeous men adoring and making all the dreams of the woman come true. It’s nice escaping from the (sometimes) drudgery of work, work, work (full time work, housework, children-work). 🙂

    • kbhotromances Says:

      I’ve never read any Yaoi, but I have talked with several people who do and they all have similar things to say about the genre too.

      Can you imagine, though, dealing with two men who have two different sexual appetites? It would keep a woman busy 24/7! lol I can barely keep up with my spouse and he’s only one man!

      Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment, Beth.

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