An Inside Peek!

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Get your sneak peek inside the pages of Lady of the Lair, an m/f/m, m/m paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy romance!

Chapter Four

The Escape

As Dillon followed Isis to her friend’s abode, he fretted about Rory’s situation. Where was he, and how were they going to find him?

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In a matter of hours, Dillon had been thrust into a new life, but now, it seemed like a century since he’d first entered the caverns with Isis. He had to find Rory. It didn’t make sense to him, but a poignant ache assailed his heart at the idea that Rory was in pain or afraid. If something happened to Rory, God forbid, would Isis be able to handle it? The thought sent yet another piercing pain into his heart. He couldn’t allow himself to think such thoughts.

However he still had to be logical about the situation and he needed to be prepared. If Isis wasn’t pregnant yet, and Rory was killed by Sareenah or tossed to the Lava Demon, which was a concept Dillon had trouble dealing with, then Isis would never have the child she desired so much. Without an heir to take the rightful place as Lady of the Lair, what would happen to Isis and the Community?

If Sareenah succeeded with her devious scheme, none of it would matter anyway. Frustration settled over him.

“Isis,” he said softly. “If a female leader of the caverns is called the Lady of the Lair. What’s a male leader called?”

“Master,” she replied over her shoulder. “He is the Master of the Lair. Why?”

They traveled along a narrow, cobbled path that wound its way up into the higher regions of the Community.

“I was thinking about Rory.” He paused as a lantern bug buzzed between them. “If you only have a few cycles left, and something has happened to Rory, finding another genetic match as a mate might be impossible. That will mean your aunt wins.”

“True.” She motioned to another trail that led to a lone home nestled against the dome of the cavern. “But right now, I can’t think about such things.”

“There’s one thing I have trouble believing.”

“What is it?”

“The Lava Demon,” he replied. “What the hell’s a Lava Demon and how can something like that exist? Surely it’s a fable or legend used to keep Alter-Humans in line.”

She shook her head, the curls of her dark mane bouncing around her shoulders. “I’ve never seen the demon, but each Lady or Master swears it exists. The Lava Demon is supposed to be composed of hot liquid rock and have coal-black eyes that smoke and flame.”

Just as he thought. No one had ever seen it, so the Lava Demon must be a tall tale.

“When was the last time someone was thrown to the demon?” he asked.

“When my aunt first took the throne, an Alter-Female insulted her, so the Lady sent her to the demon’s pit.”

“Did you see this happen?”

“No,” she answered, “but I did see the execution ceremony before the guards escorted the woman into the tunnel that leads to the demon’s lava pit.” She looked over her shoulder at him. “It might not be real, but right now I don’t want to take the chance it does exist and land in its lava den.”

He quirked his eyebrows. She did have a good point. Dillon never would have believed people like Alter-Humans existed with their extraordinary abilities either, but now he was one of them.

“Besides,” Isis said, “I won’t let myself believe anything bad has happened to our mate, and I have to keep telling myself my aunt’s devious plans will fail.”

At the words our mate, something clicked in Dillon’s mind. He focused on Isis’s ass swaying along the path, his brain whirring a thousand miles per hour.

She’s right. Rory is my mate and I care about him. I truly want to be with him just like I do Isis.

An overwhelming sensation descended upon his heart, and he almost wept from the euphoria it created. Rory was a part of him now just like Isis was.

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  1. I’m not going to say what those rock formations look like. Just think it. *grin*

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