The Difference

This Friday, August 20th, I have a new title coming out with Breathless It’s called Strawberry Rendezvous and it is intense erotica.

An afternoon in a strawberry patch turns out to be quite exciting. Whoever said strawberry jam belongs only on bread hasn’t truly experienced it to its full extent.

An advanced review is in for this little title. It’s a good review, but already it’s being confused with porn fiction. Do you know the difference? Porn fiction degrades the characters, especially the woman if it’s heterosexual. Strawberry Rendezvous isn’t porn fiction. It’s mainstream erotica—intense erotica—with humor at the end. Why not grab your copy from or when my new title first comes out this Friday and decide for yourself?

The weather has been hot and humid. I’ve been busy running back-to-school errands and wishing I could be writing instead of driving around in the heat.

I’m still working on the outline and ideas for book two of my Alter-Human Trilogy. Lots of notes are being scribbled into the designated notebook for this trilogy. My erotic shifter romance was turned into Siren Publishing about three weeks ago, so I’m waiting on the edits. Also, I’m plugging along on my Amber Redd title, Chasing the Mailman, an m/m paranormal romance. A tentative publication date of January 2011 has been set.

As for other projects, check out my blog at Whipped Cream Reviews on August 16th. Here’s the link:


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