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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, with

Also paranormal, sci-fi

Mating with an Alter-Female is incredible, but Dillon discovers Isis is next in line to rule the Community, and to do so, she needs a second mate and an heir.

When he discovers Rory is her other genetic mate, he’s already changing into an Alter-Male and there’s no returning Topside until
he assimilates. Only there’s one problem: Sareenah, the Lady of the Lair and Isis’ aunt, has determined Dillon is also her second mate. Sareenah imprisons Rory and gives Isis to Fanes, who doesn’t care how he gets Isis back as long as he keeps her.

Dillon must appease Sareenah, or watch Isis suffer. When Rory is blamed
for murder, Dillon saves Isis, and together, they must find Rory and
prove his innocence, but at what price? Will the threesome love one
another again or be thwarted and face Ore, the lava demon?

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5 RAVENS, RECOMMENDED READ: “I loved the world that Ms. Benoiti created for this story. It makes me wonder if she’s written more stories for this world. This reviewer is anxiously waiting to see if she does pen another story in Community. I admire the inspiration and imagination it took, Ms. Benoiti to create such a world as this. In a way it almost reminds me of Avatar, but most definitely a more erotic and sensual Avatar than Cameron had ever imagined. I will be definitely looking into Ms Benoiti’s backlist to see what else I can find by her. Kudos, for writing such a phenomenal story! This reviewer couldn’t have asked for a faster or more action packed story.” Tamara, Blackraven’s Reviews

4 TEACUPS: “Lady of the Lair was an exciting story that drew me in almost right from the beginning. While I was reading Lady of the Lair, I was intrigued, excited and on edge. I could understand the emotions that were being shared between Isis, Rory and Dillon. The love they share for each other and the fear they all feel when life takes a surprising turn, causing them the need to flee their home. The love scenes in this story are amazingly up to the task of getting the reader in the frame of mind to go off and have some fun themselves. I hope to God that there is a sequel to Lady of the Lair because I am waiting on the edge of my seat to see what happens with Rory, Isis and Dillon.” — Happily Ever After Reviews (Follow linked text to read entire review.)

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An afternoon in a strawberry patch turns out to be quite the adventure. Whoever said strawberry jam belongs only on bread?

Bill and Rhianne were long-time lovers. Although their sexual trysts range from sex against a U.S. mailbox to the back stairs of a wedding reception, none of their encounters is as memorable as the day they discovered a strawberry patch…

Katie of BookingIt Reviews said:

“Strawberry Rendezvous is delightfully dirty. The language is harsh and meant to shock, but works well in the tone of the story. This short story does one thing really well: showcases a gritty erotic scene in an unlikely setting.”

Buy it at AllRomanceeBooks.com, Breathless Press.com, Lybrary.com, and most other ebook distributors!

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Super hot contemporary Romance!

What happens when a store manager falls in love with a young, homeless woman who shoplifts?

Cory has watched Jill for weeks as she’s pilfered candy bars and various foods, then he discreetly puts the money in the till for her. Finally, he gathers the courage to talk to Jill over lunch, gives her a part-time job, and helps her get on her feet, but there’s one problem: her vicious Aunt Rachel, who kicked Jill out and takes care of her invalid mother. With the encouragement of Cory’s gay friends across the hall, he finally sets the scene for a dinner to pop the big question and resolve the issues of Jill’s old life.

After all, love and–and even an engagement ring–can be found in unexpected places.

Available at the following links and other distributors.

Breathless Press All Romance eBooks MyBookStoreandMore.com

Mobipocket 1Romance.com

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Blue MoonHot paranormal romance with a werewolf theme!

Each All Hallow’s Eve, Anvahn must pay the price for wielding magic. This year a werewolf appears to her instead of the usual demon, monster, or spirit. But will this time prove too costly for Anvahn to bear?

Graylich only wants his life back. Having drunk from a werewolf’s footprint, he’s cursed forever more. However, a warlock tells him that if he can bed a witch and impregnate her, the curse will be lifted…only Graylich discovers that he has a price to pay, too; one which sends Anvahn on a journey of revenge.

Also reviewed by Ramsey’s Reviews:

“…Blue Moon is an intriguing prelude that will tease the reader, compelling them to want more of the story. I found myself frantic when I came to the end of this wee tale, not knowing what kind of adventure Anvahn will get herself into. Kiyara Benoiti has created an unusual world, enticing plot and promising character development. I would love to read more of Anvahn’s revengeful exploits and also observe how the characters flourish in the future. I recommend this short e-book to readers who love a great sexual tormenting.” Read entire review.

Available at the following links and other distributors.

Breathless Press.com All Romance eBooks.com Lybrary.com

Mobipocket.com 1Romance.com MyBookStoreandMore.com

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Reviewed by Whipped Cream Reviews:

“If you want a story that will stick with you long after the final page, then read Bloodlust. You won’t regret it.” Read entire review.

High fantasy erotic romance.

Caution: this title is alterotica. Intense sexual content included.

Tagline– When a tiny wisp of a woman is cursed by Loki, she wields a sword most men would struggle to use and is untamable, but then along comes the Ambassador of Dwarves…


Deyorah is cursed by Loki. She loves to spill blood. Thus, she suffers from bloodlust, and, as a result, most men fear her. Sir Avegore, Ambassador of the Dwarves, has a different perspective of her power…as well as the power of sex and love.

Available at the following distributors.

Love You Divine.com All Romance eBooks.com

1Romance.com Amazon.com eBookwise.com Fictionwise.com

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Margies Room

To read Two Lips’s review of Margie’s Room click the graphic above.

This erotic title is beyond hot. Warning! Extreme adult content!

How far will one man go to please his wife?

Joe is married to a beautiful woman, but when she has a gym installed in their basement that he’s not allowed to enter, he begins to wonder what Margie might be hiding. One day Joe finds Margie’s key and gets a peep show he never expected.

Available at the following distributors

All Romance eBooks

Breathless Press

1Romance.com Mobipocket.com MyBookStoreandMore.com


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