Opening Scene for Blue Moon

Living as a witch wasn’t easy.

Her gifts, her familiars, and various other aids in black or white magic never came free. There were prices to be paid. Oh, yes. Many prices for those services and their gifts.

On each All Hallow’s Eve, Anvahn was required to pay for everything she’d requested beyond her natural powers during that twelve-month cycle. Last year she had been required to fuck an incubus. That hadn’t set well with Anvahn. In fact, after six hours of constant fucking, whether in her anus or her pussy, she’d managed to hold her revulsion back—or down—until the thing had had its fill and had left her as the first bloody trace of dawn marred the sky. Anvahn had vomited for an hour after the demon had left her, then laid on this very boulder for the better part of the day in exhaustion.

So she sat on the boulder overlooking the valley and waited for the next price she had to pay. They were always male and needed fucked. Last year the incubus, the year before that an old wizard who yelled at his member so it would stay hard long enough to put inside her. And before that there had been the warlock’s apprentice who had to couple with a witch in order to make his first serious spell work. Oh, and there had been the ménage. One vampire had pummeled her ass as the other vampire had pumped into her cunt.

The sun set. Scarlet, pink, orange-gold, and sapphire bled into the heavens as if cloth dyers had spilled their color pots on the horizon. The sun lowered its round bottom into the earth. The moon rose higher…higher still. It hung pregnant in the periwinkle sky. The twilight deepened, and the heavenly sphere transformed from white to silver to robin’s-egg blue.

Anvahn drew her cloak closer about her body and tugged the cowl of it up over her head. This autumn had brought cooler-than-usual temperatures. She’d read the season’s signs, so she knew that this All Hallow’s Eve would bring a full moon, but she hadn’t counted on it being a blue moon.

That meant a strong power was afoot.

Anvahn drew her knees tightly against her breasts. She wore no clothes beneath her cloak. What was the point? They all wanted the same thing: to fuck her until she begged for mercy or just to get their cock wet in order to set a spell in motion. She shivered and wished she’d brought a bottle of wine and maybe a wedge of yellow cheese and a hunk of dark bread.

The sun finished setting, and shadows spread across the foothills.

Anvahn studied the heavens. The red smear of evening gave way to a midnight backdrop splashed with glistening white jewels.

As she studied the realm of the gods, something black moved within the gloom surrounding the oaks and maples below her. She scanned the darkness. Eyes like two small lanterns glowed at the base of the boulder.

“I am Anvahn,” she said loudly. “Come forth.”

The shoulders and thick ruff of a wolf emerged into the fading twilight.

Surprise tiptoed through Anvahn. Too large and feral looking to be a normal wolf, she knew it could only be one thing: a lycanthrope.

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Opening Scene for The Candy Bar Liaison

It began with candy bars, and then over the next few weeks, it progressed to small bags of chips, packages of single-serving cookies, and Slim Jims. The first time Cory witnessed the young woman stealing Mars Bars, Peppermint Patties, and Milky Way bars, he could only stand behind the two-way mirror and watch in fascination. Already tempered by such acts of thievery from the teenagers and small kids, he’d try to steer them onto the right path, but occasionally, Cory would bust a professional shoplifter for something larger. However, this woman…this woman was different somehow.

As manager of the Corner Shop Grocery, Cory had a reputation for busting the most shoplifters in the neighborhood, which spanned a ten-block radius. He was also known for his fairness. Perpetrators were forced to repay their debt to taxpayers. The smaller kids worked off their misdemeanors by sweeping, cleaning, and mopping the storeroom and john. In the case of this woman, Cory merely took careful note of the missing items, and then discreetly put the money in the register from his own wallet. Maybe it was the casually graceful way she walked that captivated him, or perhaps the pouty, brooding expression she wore when she stole something. Whatever the reason, he was hooked. He had to meet her, get closer to her. What was her name? Where was she from? And why was she surviving out on the streets?

And here are two paragraphs to show the erotic content in The Candy Bar Liaison (don’t you want to find out what they do with the candy bars?).

She captured his face between her hands and kissed him, her lips warm, soft and tantalizing. She pressed closer to Cory, unseating him. They tumbled to the floor and began laughing. Jill kissed him again, her hands wandering the planes of his chest.

“Come on,” Cory heard Toddy say. “Let’s take a cue from them and do the same.”

“I hear you, lover,” said Bryant.

Cory caught the soft sound of the apartment door clicking shut.

“I have a confession to make,” Jill mumbled against his lips.


“Mmm hmm.” She raised her head and locked gazes with his. “Half the reason I came into your store was to see you.”

“Are you serious?”


“I’d like to have kids one day,” he said.

She smiled. “Me too. At least three.”

He laughed and kissed her, then trailed more kisses along her jaw and down her throat.

Jill sighed and slipped her hand under his polo shirt. The fire that simple touch prompted roared through his body. His cock hardened, and desire burned deep within him. She continued to stroke his skin. Her hand slid down his abdomen and cupped his crotch.

His startled intake of breath forced her to raise her head and look at him.

“I want you, Jill,” he said softly as he fought to regulate his breathing. “But if you want to wait—”

She shook her head, and a mischievous expression settled in her eyes. “I want you too.”

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Erotic scene from Margie’s Room

Margie retrieved her sports bra where she’d hung it on the doorknob. “Be back in an hour or so,” she called and shut the basement door behind her.

About ten minutes later, the door swung open again, startling me. “What’s wrong, babe?” I asked.

She laughed. “I forgot my water bottle.” She laid the key to the mini gym on the isle counter, yanked open the fridge, and grabbed a bottle of Evian. With a seductive smile on her luscious mouth, she disappeared into the basement again.

However, the key still lay on the countertop.

No way.

I looked again. Yes, it was really there.

I waited. If I took the key and headed downstairs I knew I’d bump into Margie on her way back up to retrieve it.

I had lost interest in the article, so I picked up the daily paper and read through the comics. Five minutes passed, then ten. Maybe Margie hadn’t realized she’d even left it on the counter. She did have several errands to do today, so she was probably preoccupied.

Did I dare…?

Hell, why not? What was she going to do? Yell at me? Forbid me from entering her secret gym?

Anticipation raced through me. I tossed the paper on the floor and marched into the kitchen where I snatched up the key. Opening the basement door, I slowly crept down the stairs, avoiding the squeaky ones just in case Margie could detect such sounds from the confines of her gym.

In bare feet, I padded across the carpeted floor and stopped halfway to Margie’s secret room. The door was ajar about an inch. I glanced at the key in my hand, then pocketed it for safe keeping. It wasn’t like my wife to be so careless, especially where her workout room was concerned.

Quietly, I approached the door and listened. Soft music wafted through the crack: it sounded like Pitbull’s Go Girl, one of Margie’s favorites. She passed through my line of vision and paused. Her sports bra lay on the floor by the free weights. Tugging the thong she wore down along her long, coltish legs, she pulled one foot free and used the other to kick the panties over to join the titty holder. Perplexed, I wondered why she even bothered to take a sports bra down there with her if she wasn’t going to wear one. Margie then picked up something I couldn’t quite see. At first, it looked like a medicine ball, but when she turned around with it, my mouth fell open.

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Erotic Scene from Bloodlust

Deyorah gasped as his mouth claimed hers. She melted into him. All reason, all thoughts, fled her mind. Tongues dueling, their breathing fast and anxious, Deyorah pushed closer to Avegore, needing him inside her to quench a new hunger. His chest hair caressed her breasts, the nipples pert and aching to be touched and licked. She ran her palms along his arms, enjoining the ripples and bulges of the muscles that lined them and the soft sensation of the downy blond hair covering them.

“What if one of my brothers walks into the stable?” Deyorah asked as Avegore peppered her neck with kisses and little wet swirls of his tongue.

“Then whoever it is will have the image branded on his mind forever,” he said, chuckling. He released her and retrieved the bath wrap lying between their feet. “Let us retire to the loft.”

He made his way to the ladder leading up into the dark regions of the stable. The horses nickered softly, and one of the goats bleated as if encouraging Deyorah to follow her new lover. She paused to admire Avegore’s muscled physique as he climbed up, turned, and squatted, his hand outstretched, fingers beckoning her to join him.

She padded across the warm dirt and reached the ladder, ascending up into the heated confines of the hay stored above. Avegore snapped the blanket out. It landed on the hay where he straightened it a bit and lay down on it, his arms behind him, hands bracing his upper body.
“Come, lass. Let me love you.”

She knelt and crawled across the blanket to him. Anticipation and uncertainty wound through her heart.

“You are such a vision with your pale locks and bright blue eyes. I think the gods misplaced you.”

“Misplaced me?”

“Aye,” he said, reaching for her. “You should have been born to the Faeries. Mayhap that’s the real reason Loki bestowed magical powers upon you.”

His words tugged at her heart. Stinging assailed her eyes. She blinked the prickles away.

“Whatever his reason, it was cruel.”

“Tsk. Let me make you forget the worries that plague your heart.”

Avegore wrapped her into his arms and lay down onto the blanket with her where he stroked his fingers along the curves of her body.

Deyorah closed her eyes and savored the sensations that tumbled through her. She wanted Avegore to roll her over, pin her to the hay, and enter her in one thrust, filling her up. She whimpered and wiggled closer to him.

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